Improbable Moves

Brian DeMars takes a look at two in-game situations where he took a bad position and turned it around with creative play.

Standard G/B Delirium Guide

Brian DeMars and his team had their own version of G/B Delirium ready for #PTKLD—and he thinks it’s perfect for the new metagame.

G/B Aggro Deck Guide

EFro cooked up a killer aggressive G/B deck for #PTKLD with Verdurous Gearhulk and Blossoming Defense, and took it to an 8-2 Swiss record.

Em-Rock-ul in Modern

Emrakul is dominating Standard—so Matt Sperling tried his hand at brewing up a midrange home that can win out of nowhere with a 13/13.

GB Delirium Update

BBD learned a few lessons about his team’s deck the hard way at #PTEMN, and breaks down its shortcomings along with how to fix them!

New Tools for GB

BBD swore off GB decks, but Eldritch Moon brings enough goodies for the archetype that he’s coming back around.

Perfecting GB in Standard

The format is mostly solved, and Reid’s got what he believes is the ideal version of GB midrange for your perusal.

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