Felidar Guardian

Felidar Guardian Is Banned

In a shocking addendum to the April 24th B&R announcement, Wizards decided to ban Felidar Guardian and the Saheeli combo with it after all.

Pro Tour Copycat

Despite admitting that Copycat’s very existence was an oversight, Wizards made another mistake by not axing the dominant combo now.

Saheeli Oath in Vintage

Vintage isn’t known as a playground for new ideas, so when Andrea saw a novel approach to Oath, he leapt at the opportunity to try it!

The Top 10 Aether Revolt Cards

Former Player of the Year and new CFB contributor Mike Sigrist counts down his picks for the 10 best cards in Aether Revolt for Standard!

Standard Green Twin

Combo is back in full force in Standard, and Neal swings for the fences with a green deck built to abuse a Jeskai-colored combo!

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