Eternal Weekend

Recapping Legacy in 2021

2021 was a turbulent year for everyone, but between a slew of bans, Modern Horizons 2 and Eternal Weekend, Legacy had quite the wild ride!

Eternal Weekend Metagame

Eternal Weekend was on Magic Online for the first time this year due to Covid but that didn’t stop anyone from participating. Check out the metagame from the event here!

My Eternal Weekend

On his way to Phoenix and Albuquerque, Andrea couldn’t resist a quick stop at Eternal weekend to play his new favorite formats.

4 Lessons from Eternal Weekend

During the calm before the storm of Pro Tour Ixalan, Riley reports in on Eternal weekend: The big moments and decks from Vintage & Legacy!

Eternal Weekend Forever

Brian DeMars played a whirlwind tour of events at Eternal Weekend—see the decks he chose for Old School, Vintage, and Legacy!

Grixis Control in Vintage

In the wake of Eternal Weekend and the Bazaar of Moxen, Florian Koch brings you his primer on one of the premier decks in Vintage!

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