Deck Highlight: Modern Polymorph

How do you guarantee you Polymorph into an Emrakul in Modern consistently? By playing no creatures, Dwarven Mine and all Mountains of course!

Deck Highlight: Modern Trickery

Martin’s looking at one of the craziest new decks in Modern, using Tibalt’s Trickery and cascade spells to cast an Emrakul on turn three!

The Brew Frontier

Joel’s getting in on the Frontier fun with two lists he cooked up, featuring Standard all-stars from across the last 2 years!

Em-Rock-ul in Modern

Emrakul is dominating Standard—so Matt Sperling tried his hand at brewing up a midrange home that can win out of nowhere with a 13/13.

How to Beat Emrakul

First Bant, now Emrakul. There’s always an answer—Sperling shows you how to take down the latest top dog. Or whatever that thing is.

Pantheon Deck Tech: RUG Eldrazi

Days before Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, Jon Finkel settled on a build of a deck he told Owen Turtenwald it would be a mistake not to play.

Jund, the Promised End

Joel’s Jund take on emerge earned him a Top 16 finish—he provides an updated build for the new metagame and a sideboard guide!

New Tools for GB

BBD swore off GB decks, but Eldritch Moon brings enough goodies for the archetype that he’s coming back around.

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