Reid Duke Plays Legacy Elves

Reid’s giving his opponent’s the greatest gift of all – a huge amount of trample damage thanks to Craterhoof Behemoth with some Legacy Elves!

Legacy Challenge: Elves | Reid Duke

Halloween’s over and Reid’s already in the Christmas spirit, bringing Elves to the Legacy Challenge to overrun with Santa’s little helpers!

Deck Guide: Historic Elves

Elves has gotten a significant boost in Historic with Kaldheim, helping Martin Juza speed run all the way to Mythic with only a few losses!

Legacy Elves Deck Guide

One of the best Tribal decks of Legacy, Elves continues to stay in the top tier of the Metagame. Learn how to play it in this deck guide by Rich Cali!

Deck Highlight: Historic Elves

Elves is a favorite in many formats, it’s even made it’s way to Historic. Check out this Deck Highlight for an Elves deck by Andrew Schneider.

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