Deep Dive

Standard Dimir Deep Dive

Dimir is a strong color combo in the current Standard format. So which deck build is best? Reid covers all that and more in this deep dive.

Deep Dive: Sideboarding

Sideboarding is one of the most diffiult things in Magic, but Reid’s expertise can help guide you through the process in this Deep Dive!

Deep Dive – Sequencing

Want to up your game when playing Magic? Learning sequencing of your plays can put you there. Check out this deep dive by Reid Duke where he breaks down why it’s important and how to successfully learn how to use it.

Legacy Elves Deep Dive

Reid Duke covers everything you need and want to know about playing Elves in Legacy in this Deep Dive from sweeping to sideboarding.

Modern Jund Deep Dive

Reid Duke dives into this Modern Jund Deck List to give us a comprehensive deck guide with all the tools you need to win.

Deep Dive – Temur Reclamation

Here is another Deep Dive into the world of Standard. Temur Rec is and continues to be a top tier deck, despite not having a companion. Check out what tips and tricks LSV provided in this week’s Deep Dive.

Deep Dive – Jeskai Fires

The first of a new series of articles: Deep Dive – Jeskai Fires. LSV takes us deep into the depths of flames to cover every detail about Jeskai Fires you need to know to win.

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