Deck Guide

Mono-Red Deck Guide

PV reached Top 8 of PTBFZ with the most explosive deck in Standard—and he’s ready to help you master playing and sideboarding with Mono-Red!

RG Landfall Deck Guide

RG Landfall or Atarka Red? Andrea Mengucci’s team thought the choice was clear, and he breaks down their version of the deck!

Dark Jeskai Primer

Dark Jeskai is off to a fast start as the de facto best deck after the rotation. Josh Silvestri gives you the keys to harness its power!

Bant Zoo Primer

Reid Duke breaks down the 4-color Zoo deck he played to an 11-4 finish at Grand Prix Oklahoma City, complete with sideboarding guide!

Modern Merfolk Primer

Caleb breaks down the deck that was reinvigorated by Magic Origins and that Paul Rietzl took to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Oklahoma City!

Grixis Delver Primer

Caleb brings you the definitive guide to Grixis Delver just in time for the ChannelFireball World Magic Cup Qualifier in Santa Clara, CA!

Hangarback Abzan Update

Andrea Mengucci brings you a quick update to his Abzan Aggro deck and sideboard guide that he used to win the Italian WMCQ!

RG Dragons Deck Guide

Martin Juza breaks down the deck that he and Brad Nelson played at GP London, and that rewarded him with a Top 8 finish!

Sultai Control

Control didn’t exactly dominate the Pro Tour, but if the metagame changes you’ll be ready with a BUG deck Team TOGIT built for #PTORIGINS!

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