Deck Guide

Deck Guide: Legacy UR Delver

Andrea Mengucci breaks down one of Legacy’s evergreen players, UR Delver, looking to close out the game fast with Delvers and Sprite Dragons.

Deck Guide: Historic Jund Food

Martin’s looking to chew through the competition with Historic Jund Food, his deck of choice from the Zendikar Rising Championship!

Deck Guide: Legacy Esper Vial

Rich Cali breaks down Legacy Esper Vial, using Soulherder, Recruiter of the Guard and Aether Vial to have a silver bullet for any situation!

Deck Guide: Modern Primeval Titan

Reid Duke examines the (molten) pinnacle of Modern Ramp decks, Primeval Titan, racing to the busted six-drop to plant some powerful lands!

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