Deck Choices

The Four Horsemen of Frontier

Joel headed out to a local Frontier event, armed with a midrange list of his own design that could be one of the best decks in the format.

No Ban’s Sky

This is it, folks! Aether Revolt Standard is solved, and you should be playing one of two decks until Amonkhet.


PV cemented his name further in Magic history at Pro Tour Aether Revolt. Follow his journey with Team CFB Ice from start to finish.

Abzan Company This Weekend

Brian’s got his deck picked out for this weekend—an old favorite. He shares his updated list and some sideboard tips!

Death and Taxes Deck Guide

In a format with 1-mana draw-3s, turn-1 kills, soft locks, and huge monsters, one of the best decks just plays white creatures and attacks.

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