Dark Jeskai

The Decks to Beat in Frontier

Interested in Magic’s hot new format, Frontier? Brian DeMars shows you the top decks and strategies across the incipient top tier.

Going Dark

In his inaugural article for ChannelFireball, GP Champion BBD lays out his ideal home for OGW powerhouse Goblin Dark-Dwellers.


Ben Rubin concocted a 64-card Blue Abzan masterpiece—and took it all the way to 2nd place at Grand Prix Oakland.

Swatting Mantis Rider

Take down one of the most relentless threats in the format with the help of one of the best players in the game!

Last Words on Standard

Maynard’s long run of Standard has come to an end and he shares his findings from over the course of 3 professional-level events!

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