Carrie On – The Future

Carrie’s already getting ready for rotation with a look at what stands to lose the least with Innistrad’s departure.

Woo Brews – Archangel Humans

Travis Woo is back to brewing, and this time offers his take on BW Humans centered around his pick for the next breakout mythic: Archangel of Thune.

Woo Brews – PyroDriver

In his effort to break Standard in its waning weeks, Travis Woo brings you a brew built around Young Pyromancer and Ogre Battledriver!

Raging Levine – Strong Box

Eric recreates the feel of true kitchen table brewing as he chronicles his attempt to build a Commander deck from a single 5-row of random cards!

Legacy Weapon – Hate and Hooks

Caleb Durward reviews his experience against hate cards at the Invitational with RUG Control, and starts laying the foundation for Slivers’ return to Constructed!

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