The Fringe Decks

Both U/R Colossus and R/B Zombies could have what it takes to unseat the current Big 3 of Standard.

Surprise Banning

Brian DeMars discusses the banning that caught everyone by surprise—and how Wizards can soften the blow next time.

Standard BR Devoid

The Eldrazi are known for their expensive board-dominating monsters, but it’s the small ones that have Brian DeMars excited for OGW!

Waste Not Storm Combo

Travis Woo offers his own take on Waste Not—a crazy Modern brew that uses Reforge the Soul to combo off for a storm kill!

Color Pairings in Theros Limited

Get ready for GP Sacramento with Jon Chabot’s complete primer on the best color pairs in Theros, and how to optimally draft around each one!

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