Banned and Restricted

The Monday Meta – The New Standard & M21 Previews

This week Mashi and Martin take a look at the first weekend of post-Fires and Companion Standard by looking at the Red Bull Untapped Top 8s, they discuss Termur Rec’s dominance and the Gruul Aggro and Umori Mutate Decks that also Top 8’d the Untapped events.

The Monday Meta – Back to the New Standard

With the new banned and restricted list for Standard and Historic hot off the press, Mashi and Martin talk over what they expect in the new standard meta and host of other questions the bannings and changes present.

Companion Change and Ban Reaction

A lot of changes are coming to Standard with the announced banned cards today as well as the new companion rules. Huey has a few words to share about what to expect in the format going forward.

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