For Glory(bringer)!

Well, we’re stuck with Saheeli Combo, but luckily we have all these sweet new Amonkhet cards that… oh, fit perfectly into 4c Saheeli.

R/G Monsters with Amonkhet

Andrea Mengucci’s cooking up his own brews for Amonkhet Standard, starting with his favorite God from the set, Rhonas the Indomitable.

Mardu Planeswalkers

The new Liliana opens up a lot of room for powerful midrange builds, and master deck builder Zvi Mowshowitz starts with Mardu.

Hellbent Aggro

Reid’s hellbent on finding the best build of empty-your-hand aggro in the new Standard format!

3 Combo Brews with Amonkhet

Frank’s got a bevy of crazy brews for the new format from cycling combo to a Ravenous Intruder/Fling kill, and even Bounty of the Luxa!

Zombies in Amonkhet Standard

Amonkhet is packed with new Zombies, and the new set might just give the archetype the boost it needs to reach tier 1!

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