Abzan Control

Buying into Standard

Pre-rotation can feel like the worst time to buy into Standard, but if you’re smart about it, you can play now and still come out ahead.

The Green Ponder

Mengucci likes what he sees with OGW’s newest spoiler and has a perfect home for it with Abzan Control!

The New Standard Gauntlet

GP Buenos Aires Champion Pascal Maynard lays out the Origins updated gauntlet you need to test your newest Standard brews against.

Abzan Origins

The best deck in the format stands to get even better with Magic Origins, and Andrea shows you the list he’d use for the Pro Tour!

Standard’s New Sweeper

Languish will change the Standard landscape, and Reid tells you what you need to do to best utilize and face Magic Origins’ new wrath.

One Thoughtseize

Mastering Thoughtseize is one of the hardest and most important skills in Standard. Huey walks you through an example from Abzan vs. UB!

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