Abzan Company

Modern: CoCo is Loco

Should you focus on the infinite life combo in Abzan Company, or only on the infinite mana engine of Druid/Vizier? Why not both?

Abzan Company This Weekend

Brian’s got his deck picked out for this weekend—an old favorite. He shares his updated list and some sideboard tips!

Cuckoo for CoCo Tech

After a dalliance with Dredge, Brian is back to tinkering with Abzan Company, and has a build ready to combat Infect and the graveyard!

Improbable Moves

Brian DeMars takes a look at two in-game situations where he took a bad position and turned it around with creative play.

Master Modern

No single deck is the solution to the format. Pick one, learn it inside and out, and you’ll see why Modern is a truly skill-testing format.

Abzan Company Guide

Abzan Company has become Brian DeMars’ go to deck in Modern thanks to a radical sideboard plan against control!

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