5-Minute Commander Deck Tech

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Nylea’s Storm

This is a mono-green list unlike any other – rather than go big, it goes small! Nylea makes a bunch of one-drops free to cast, and from there you can storm off and get ’em dead with a massive Overrun.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Tedin Tribal

While this deck might not be the most powerful you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely one of the coolest and certainly one of the most unique – an entire Commander deck built exclusively with cards illustrated by Mark Tedin.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Brudiclad’s Chop Shop

Nope, it’s not just another Izzet artifact deck! This wild Brudiclad list is all about turning innocuous little tokens – Treasures and Servos and the like – into enormous big monsters, with some of the weirdest and sweetest synergies you’re likely to see.

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