Want to Beat Mew VMAX? Play Zoroark with Duraludon VMAX!

Want to Beat Mew VMAX? Play Zoroark with Duraludon VMAX!

Hello again readers! I’m back with you today to talk about another deck that has been on the rise recently that at least has a semblance of a chance against Mew VMAX. I don’t know who made the original list at this point, but Grant Manley was the first player I saw do well with this version of the deck. I’m talking about Duraludon VMAX of course. Some of you may recall when I tried my hand at building a Duraludon list of my own, accompanied by one of the few times I’ve streamed on Twitch. At that point in the meta, Duraludon was a great deck, but I didn’t have the motivation to continue working on the deck. For today’s article, I’m going to be covering both the currently popular version of the deck and my own with the pairing of Zoroark and Duraludon VMAX. 

As a deck, Duraludon will usually be good or bad depending on the current meta and how good your opponents are. There’s only so much that a deck can do and Duraludon really pushes the limits of trying to do too many things at once. I personally favor the Zoroark build that I have, but that might just be some sort of bias. The initial goal of Duraludon was to have a deck that beat Mew VMAX, and initially I think that it succeeded. 

However, in my own experience playing Mew against Duraludon VMAX, the matchup is fine for Mew and aside from being a little obnoxious, it’s not something I’m incredibly worried about as a Mew player. This isn’t even my personal thoughts on the matchup anymore. Using Limitless’ functions, at the time of this article, Duraludon has roughly a 42 percent win rate against Mew VMAX. I’ll be honest – once I saw that number, a decently large part of me wanted to scrap this article and write about something different. Duraludon doesn’t even have great matchups against the rest of the meta either. Despite this, plenty of people are playing the deck and at least seeing some moderate success with it, so there must be some merit to it at least. Let’s start talking about the lists I have today.

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