Tossing Tools — A Guide to Whimsicott’s Comeback

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today to talk about another deck that I think could have a decent shot at doing well in the current meta. It’s not a strictly new deck and the only thing that Battle Styles gives it is a bit more consistency, but with the recent shifts in the meta, I think there could be a real chance of this deck being extremely viable.

We’ve recently seen a rather large amount of single-Prize decks winning events, like Mad Party, Decidueye and even Spiritomb. This made me think about what other decks could have a chance at being playable again with the meta shifts and the release of Level Ball. While looking through all the Pokemon that have 90 HP and aren’t terrible, which is admittedly a rather small list, I landed on Whimsicott, a card that saw some play upon release, but eventually fell off. Since other non-GX/V decks have found success recently, I figured why not give it a try?

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