Tombstone Piledriver — Spiritomb, The Undertaker, Returns

Hey everyone! It’s Isaiah back again with another sweet one-Prize deck to show you all: Spiritomb. Just like Mad Party (which I recently wrote an article on) this deck got exponentially better with the printing of Level Ball. However, as if Level Ball weren’t enough, Spiritomb The Undertaker also gained four more switching cards in Escape Rope!

With these additions, the deck can compete with almost anything. Let’s get into it!

While Mad Party has a better late game than Spiritomb, Spiritomb The Undertaker has a much stronger early game. All this deck needs is a Tomb, a Spikemuth, and a few switching cards and you’re off! Spiritomb also has a much better Dragapult matchup than Mad Party. With Cape of Toughness, it can survive a Max Phantom from the bench and OHKOs a Dragapult with just five damage counters on itself! Finally, this deck is less reliant on two-Prize Pokemon, so you can play better Supporters than Giovanni’s Exile every turn!

T2 KO on Etern!

Here’s the list I came to after testing the deck:

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