The Ultimate Zacian / Zamazenta Deck Guide

The Ultimate Zacian / Zamazenta Deck Guide

Hello, welcome to my first article on ChannelFireball! For those who don’t know me, I’ve been playing Pokemon for about eight years in Australia. My biggest accomplishment so far is winning the first players cup with Lucario & Melmetal-GX, interestingly a similar deck to the Zacian / Zamazenta deck I will be going over today.

Right in the beginning of the post-rotation format, Zacian / Zamazenta was seeing a ton of success however it dropped off very quickly. Zacian / Zamazenta is very similar to how Lucmetal decks worked before the rotation, either using Zacian V as an attacker or using Zamazenta V to wall Pokemon VMAX. When I tried the deck out it had issues with drawing Energy cards and struggled a lot against decks that could use Path to the Peak in conjunction with Marnie. I made several changes to the list to solve the problems I was having, and this is what I ended on:

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