The Top 10 Competitive Evolving Skies Pokemon TCG Cards

The Top 10 Competitive Evolving Skies Pokemon TCG Cards

Hello CFB! The new Evolving Skies set is just around the corner, so in today’s article we are going to look at what I have deemed to be 10 of the most interesting competitive cards! This set got around 90 cards from its Japanese equivalent taken out – really surprising – but the set still retains a massive 237 cards in all!

This set brings us double the excitement as it comes out just a few weeks ahead of the 2021-2022 Standard format rotation, leaving us with only the Sword & Shield block to play with. This means we bid farewell to the Sun & Moon-era of the Pokemon TCG, which in my opinion could be considered one of the absolute best ones with 2017 and 2018 formats. No more TAG TEAM Pokemon (and especially no more Altered Creation) might pave the way for a new era of single-Prize attackers to become viable in the future. It all depends on them receiving buffs to be able to compete with current Pokemon VMAX though. That topic could be another article on its own, but I mentioned this as I will be analyzing the cards in today’s article from a Sword & Shield-on perspective as that is the newest relevant format for competitions. So now let’s look at my favorite cards from the new set.

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