The Pokemon Company Announces Pokemon TCG Live for PC and Mobile

The Pokemon Company Announces Pokemon TCG Live for PC and Mobile

Hello ChannelFireball readers! TrainerChip here, and what an exciting day today has been! The Pokemon Company has just revealed the new TCG game, Pokemon Trading Card Game LIVE, which is coming soon to PC and mobile. This is huge news for those of us deeply involved in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community. 

This new game will replace the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. As with any transition, there are sure to be many hurdles moving from PTCGO to PTCG LIVE. I wanted to throw together this quick, short article to lay out my initial reaction to this release, and also share the information provided to us by The Pokemon Company at this time. 

Header - Initial Reaction

I‘m extremely excited for a new Pokemon TCG game. If you’ve been around the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online community for any time at all, you’re surely familiar with the list of gripes and complaints involving the game. The lack of a ranked ladder or battle pass gave players little to play for outside of the few Players Cup tournaments has been a complaint against PTCGO as long as I have played it. PTCG Live will introduce a ranked mode, while also retaining a casual play mode.

PTCG Live will also have a Battle Pass, as well as other in-game transactions available. I personally like the prospect of having a paid option within the game, making it easy for players to attain in-game items if they wish to go that route. But don’t worry, the game is still totally free to play with no purchases necessary. It is yet to be seen how easy or difficult it is to have a truly “free to play” option in the game. Time will only tell.

Header - Transitioning PTCGO to PTCG Live

There are certainly a lot of questions when it comes to the transition between these two games, so let me fill you in on what we know as of now.

PTCGO players will be able to transfer their account and game data to Pokemon TCG Live upon release. In order for this transfer to happen, you will need to sign in to PTCG Live with the same Pokemon Trainer Club Account that you have used for PTCGO.

Now, not every card you own will be transferable. There will be no player-to-player trading option within PTCG Live, so you’ll only be able to transfer up to four copies of each card that you own. The exception to this is Prism Star and ACE SPEC cards, which you can only transfer one copy of, and basic energy, which you can transfer 59 copies of. Upon release, only cards from Lost Thunder up to current sets will be playable. Cards that release previous to Lost Thunder (excluding the HGSS block) will still be transferable, but will not be playable until future game updates. Many accessories like coins, sleeves and deck boxes will be transferable to PTCG Live, but not all items in this category will make the transition.

One of the biggest pieces of news that was sad for me personally is that cards and items from the HeartGold & SoulSilver era will not be transferable to PTCG Live. This spells the end of the Legacy format, which was a pretty small community within PTCGO, but it’s still sad to see it leave. One of my biggest hopes for Pokemon TCG Live when it was leaked a few weeks ago was that there would be older format support, and it does not appear that will be the case at this time. There is always potential for old sets to be added to the game in the future, but for now it appears that this app will focus on Expanded and Standard formats. 

Header - In Game Currency

There are three different types of currency in Pokemon TCG Live:

  • Coins: Coins can be earned by completing quests, leveling up, increasing your rank, and more. They can be exchanged for cool new apparel and emotes for avatars, and for deck customizations like deck boxes and card sleeves.
  • Crystals: Crystals can be earned by completing quests and unlocking tiers on the Battle Pass. They can be exchanged in the shop for booster packs and special bundles or converted into Coins. Crystals can also be exchanged for the Premium Pass, increasing the rewards received from completing Battle Pass tiers.
  • Credits: When a player receives a card that they already own four copies of—or one copy of an ACE SPEC or Prism Star card, one copy of each part of a Pokémon V-UNION card, or 59 copies of a basic Energy card—the extra copy is automatically converted to Credits. More Credits are earned when the converted card is rare. Credits can also be earned by completing daily quests and Battle Pass tiers, exchanging Crystals for some items in the shop, and more. Credits can be exchanged for any card in the deck editor.

At this time, it’s unknown how much money any of these in-game currencies will cost to purchase. I think that this model is going to be overall better than the current trading model that is in place for PTCGO. A lot of players are upset that there will be no player-to-player trading in the new game, but I think that this is overall a good thing. Having only one way to attain cards in the game makes the process more streamlined, and gives Pokemon total control of being able to get cards into players hands in an efficient and effective manner.

Header - In Closing

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Pokemon TCG Live. But one thing I do know, is that I can’t wait for this game to come out! This game will provide a huge surge to the player base and overall interest in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I’m excited to learn more about this game and I’m eagerly awaiting whatever the future holds for the Pokemon TCG!

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