The New Way To Single Strike — Gengar VMAX / Houndoom (& Inteleon)

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today with another deck that’s come into the format with the release of Fusion Strike. While it might feel like the format has been here forever already, one of my friends did me the service of reminding me that the set has only been playable for around two weeks. In that time, Mew VMAX has established itself as the best deck in the format, capable of taking what is essentially a 50-50 against what should be and is, its worst matchup in Single Strike Urshifu / Umbreon VMAX. If Mew is going to be the deck that needs to be beaten more often than not by whatever deck is brought to a tournament, then it seems the options to do so are very limited. As I’m sure many of you know, there’s been a rather heated debate on whether Gengar VMAX is good or not in this format. I’m of the opinion that it’s at least somewhat decent and is worth looking at as a more long-term answer to Mew VMAX’s power.

As that statement and I’m sure whatever link you clicked on to get here, imply, today’s article is going to be covering Gengar VMAX. I’ve seen a decent number of lists for the deck and today’s is my attempt at making one that I think is good enough to have a place in the format. While I do think Gengar is inherently a worse deck that Urshifu, I’m willing to overlook that if the Mew VMAX matchup is significantly better. That said, Gengar VMAX also comes with a much worse matchup into the rest of the Single Strike decks, as it is weak to Fighting and will trade poorly into other Single Strike Pokemon. If that’s not going to turn you away from the deck, then I think today’s list is something that is worth looking at.

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