The New Greninja — A Kingdra / Frosmoth Preview

Welcome back readers, I’m here with another deck from Battle Styles. My last two articles have covered what are likely to become meta decks at some point and I feel like I must stick to my brand of making good Stage 2 Pokemon into decks when I have the chance to. Battle Styles has presented me with a great opportunity to do just that. Feel free to check my other ones out:

Kingdra is a card that I looked at from the set and immediately made me want to try and build it in a way that made it at least somewhat viable. It has a unique Ability, in that when your Active Pokemon is KOed, you can move any Water Energy attached to it to Kingdra. Naturally, it has an attack to match an Ability that would result in large amounts of attached Energy.

Doing 40 damage per Energy attached is a little bit weaker than I could have hoped for and I believe that if that number were 50 per Energy – or just 40 plus 40 – Kingdra would easily be a top tier deck. As it is, it’s not terrible, but you’re certainly not going to beat everything.

The synergy between these cards is obvious. Frosmoth gets a bunch of Energy into play and you set up multiple Kingdra to chain attacks of 300-plus damage every turn. The obvious flaw with this whole concept is that it’s kind of slow and is weak to Boss’s Orders. The answer to the Boss issue comes in the form of Articuno, which has seen play in a variety of Water decks since its release due to its Ability to prevent an opponent from targeting Benched Water Pokemon with Supporters.


By far the biggest issue with this deck is going to be its consistency. Setting up multiple Stage 2 Pokemon isn’t the easiest thing ever, especially when you also need to be setting up Frosmoth at the same time. While I don’t expect this deck to really have a shot at beating ADP, I think there’s a pretty good chance of it beating a few of the top decks. The fact you can sit behind Articuno for a few turns while you build your board state is quite strong and once you’re set up, two or three Kingdra should sweep through your opponent’s Pokemon with no trouble. Even if your opponent plays disruption cards like Marnie or Reset Stamp, everything you need to win should already be in play.

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