The Essential Guide to Mew VMAX — Card Choices, Matchups & More

Hello again readers, my time has finally come! As I’m certain the title and thumbnail indicate, I’m writing about Mew VMAX, which is something that I had been putting off for as long as possible since I didn’t own the cards for it until somewhat recently. I recently was convinced to play an online event again and I only agreed on the condition that I was going to be playing Mew for the first time, rather than some crazy rouge deck that makes me work incredibly hard for my wins. After my first experience playing the deck, I can confidently say this: Mew is broken. I’ve seen people comparing the deck to ADPZ and I would just like to say that Mew VMAX is a deck that is on a level above ADP. ADP relied on your opponent being bad or on Mawile-GX getting lucky. Mew doesn’t need that luck involved. It just wins everything.

With that all in mind, Mew is something that I avoided, even though it’s my favorite Pokemon. I seem to have some sort of issue with just playing the BDIF and I figured that other people would write and talk about it enough that I didn’t have to. Well, here I am anyways, writing about Mew VMAX. We’ve seen a ton of development with lists over the last month and I think we’ve finally happened upon the absolute best way to play the deck. For anyone who has been paying attention, you know I’m referring to the Meloetta version of the deck, that forsakes draw Supporters and even Peony for just doing everything as fast as possible. Ironically, I was a lot closer to this version of the deck way back when the format started than I had any right being, but I never did anything with it because Mew was and is very expensive. With that all said, let’s get into the BDIF!

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