The Darkness-Type FST Deck to Beat: Moltres V / Sableye V / Inteleon

The Darkness-Type FST Deck to Beat: Moltres V / Sableye V / Inteleon

Fusion Strike is the biggest Pokemon set ever with almost 300 new cards! This is one of the most interesting times to be a Pokemon player as everyone is trying to experiment with the new cards in order to discover how best to use them.

One of the biggest breakaway decks from Fusion Strike is the Genesect V / Mew VMAX deck which is showing itself to be the most powerful archetypes in the SSHFST format. Because this deck has become so popular so quickly, I wanted to find a deck which could effectively counter it while still having solid matchups across the board.

The first card which jumped out to me as a counter to Genesect V / Mew VMAX was something which I am very familiar with, Galarian Moltres V. Galarian Moltres V hits for Weakness against Mew and takes an OHKO versus Genesect V, positioning it well against the two Fusion Strike Pokemon. I initially wanted to pair Galarian Moltres V with a Pokemon VMAX, I considered Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX and Victini VMAX, however none of these options felt appealing to me because they diluted the consistency of my deck significantly. The biggest struggle I had when playing Galarian Moltres V before the rotation to Sword & Shield-on was consistently drawing into and discarding Darkness Energy during the early turns.

When my deck had to dedicate so many spots to playing a VMAX line and a different kind of Energy it felt so difficult to use Aura Burn on the second turn, there were several times I distinctly remember not using Aura Burn until turn four or five! I realized that for a Galarian Moltres V deck to outpace Genesect V / Mew VMAX I would have to either pair it with a Darkness-type VMAX Pokemon or just play Galarian Moltres V without a VMAX line.

Galarian Moltres V (097/198)Galarian Moltres V (176/198)Galarian Moltres V (177/198)

The latter option appealed to me because it would make my deck a lot more streamlined, I liked playing the Suicune V / Ludicolo deck in the Evolving Skies Standard format for that reason. However, unlike Suicune V, Galarian Moltres V isn’t versatile enough to be the only attacker of a deck, which is where Sableye V and Inteleon CRE come in. I already wanted to include the Inteleon line in this Galarian Moltres V deck because Quick Shooting lets you to finish off Basic Pokemon V and Drizzile provides extra consistency. Sableye V felt like the perfect card for a deck like this because in a matchup where you aren’t hitting for weakness it accelerates your win condition by a whole turn.

Over the course of a game, I would use Quick Shooting and Headbutt Tantrum a few times on a Benched Pokemon VMAX while attacking an active one with Aura Burn, then take my final Prizes on the Benched VMAX by using Energy Switch and Boss’s Orders to have a Sableye V using Crazy Claws out of nowhere. After coming up with the idea to use Galarian Moltres V, Sableye V and Inteleon CRE in a deck together, the rest of the deck list felt simple to construct and I focused on having it be as consistent as possible.

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