The 10 Best Pokemon TCG Standard Format Decks

An Alternate Standard Format Power Rankings Take

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today with something that is quite a bit different than what I usually bring. Instead of covering a single deck today, I’m offering a contrast to Azul’s power rankings from earlier this week in article form. In general, the idea of power rankings for a game like Pokemon is something that I try to avoid taking too seriously, since the meta changes way too fast for the rankings to be overly accurate. However, they do provide a very good snapshot look at the format at the time.

My goal here today is to offer a different point of view than Azul on the format from the last week or so and what it looks like for this week. I’m less used to making these sorts of lists, so the logic I use to get to my answers might be in a whole different realm than what you usually see from a power rankings list. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

For reference, here’s Azul’s power rankings board for this week, go check out his video on it to hear his own logic behind everything:

My Power Rankings

There are a few criteria that I’m using to rate the decks today. First and most relevant, is results. The next few have the same weight in my mind but matter less than the results they have.

  • A deck’s popularity versus success is one factor I consider.
  • Another is how hard the meta is trying to counter a deck or the deck’s fear of being teched against.
  • Finally, how I personally feel about the deck.

They wouldn’t be my power rankings without some of my personal feelings, would they?

#10: Single Strike

What does Single Strike even mean? Urshifu VMAX? Tornadus VMAX? The single-prizer Urshifu? Yes, all of it. I think that Single Strike will eventually steal an event win or two and that it’s positioned to break the triangle of the best decks if you can find the right way to build lists. I think that my article on Tornadus VMAX is a good place to start, but with other things on my mind recently, I haven’t been able to advance the archetype any further than I already have.

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