Standard Format Deck Highlight — Rapid Strike Malamar

Standard Format Deck Highlight — Rapid Strike Malamar

Hey all, AzulGG’s put Malamar in his power rankings a couple times now.

We don’t yet have an article on it, so I’m going to highlight it quick. So first off, is this deck a meme? I was going through some recent results. Looking at the last larger tournament, there were four Rapid Strike Malamar decks. Their record? 0-7-0. Yes, seriously. So why is this deck still in the power rankings?

Looking a little further into what it lost to, there was LMZ twice; Shadow Rider, Cinderace, Ice Rider and Pikarom once (and there was a missed round by one player), so it’s hard to judge the deck. I’ve played it a fair bit myself to mixed results. It’s always seemed to do extremely well against Pokemon VMAX decks, but so-so against the rest of the field. That’s a good way of putting it; it’s generally going to struggle against anything that it can’t trade favorably with. These players also didn’t get to play against any Urshifu decks – those matchups are typically a blowout, even with Jirachi-GX.

TrainerChip recently did a video on the deck:

His list is a little different than AzulGG’s, one that’s more in line with what I’d play:


##Pokémon - 23
4 Minccino SSH 145
3 Cinccino SHF 167
3 Remoraid BST 36
3 Octillery BST 178
3 Inkay CRE 69
1 Inkay CPA 44
4 Malamar CRE 70
1 Oricorio-GX CEC 95
1 Mew PR-SM 215
##Trainer Cards - 31
4 Professor's Research SSH 201
4 Korrina's Focus BST 160
3 Bruno BST 158
2 Boss's Orders RCL 189
4 Quick Ball SSH 216
4 Pokémon Communication TEU 196
4 Level Ball BST 181
2 Scoop Up Net RCL 207
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 215
2 Tower of Waters BST 138
##Energy - 6
4 Spiral Energy CRE 159
2 Psychic Energy 5

First off, I’m sure you’re asking, “why the Darkness-type Inkay?” It’s just so you don’t get obliterated by Shadow Rider Calyrex V’s snipe attack (or Dragapult VMAX’s Max Phantom). Most everything else is what I’m sure you’ve grown to expect from this archetype. A heavy focus on drawing cards so you can build big hands and a lot of Pokemon search cards. Azul decided to skip out on Fog Crystal, instead opting for other search cards. I’m inclined to agree with this; you want to be able to get out Minccino and Remoraid as well.

Scoop Up Net is a nice addition to grab a Stage 1 line like Octillery to increase your damage output. It’s Marnie protection and a switching card in one!

Once this deck gets rolling, it’s quite self-sufficient. Problem is, it does have a tendency to brick. That’s kind of what happens when you’re playing three different Stage 1 Pokemon, so don’t get alarmed too soon. The single-prizer game plan is still quite strong, provided you set up.

Overall, this deck is a fun way to win games against many of the format’s top decks, specifically those that award three Prizes. Single-prizers of late have come with an inherent risk of inconsistency, but sometimes it’ll go like this:

This might be the best single-Prize deck in the game right now, Spiritomb is another consideration.

Thanks for reading.


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