Shredemer’s Vivid Voltage Set Review — Grass

Time to go over Vivid Voltage. I’ll be breaking these into sections by type over the next few days – feel free to start up a conversation about any of my ratings or opinions on social media, especially Twitter, where I should get back to you very quickly. Let’s have fun with this and get some good chats going!

Ratings this time will be determined by three factors. I’ll be doing this to extend a spotlight to cards that might not get attention otherwise, they are still fun to look at and discuss what could have been or could be in the future. This review will focus primarily on the Standard format as always, perhaps with a few Expanded tidbits thrown in.

Rankings as Follows:

  • Competitive Playability
    • 5-Point Scale
  • Bonus Marks:
    • Broken
    • Creative Design
    • Fun

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Grass-Type Pokemon

Beedrill 003/185

I love effects like this, but sadly in a format where you really need to be a strong single-prizer to hang – this just doesn’t cut it. I can think of some super crazy combos you could make with this, they would be incredibly fun.

Sharp Sting just doesn’t cut it as an attack, the ability is where it’s at here. Similar to Archie’s Ace in the Hole combos from years past – it could be a decent card to build around if the attack was any good. Free Retreat Cost is just nice as well, makes it a prime pivot Bench spot.

0.25/5 + Creative Design + Fun

Celebi 009/185

The new Amazing Rare cards look so sick. Celebi looks cool and has neat attacks, but I don’t think it will pan out well. Energy Press could provide some chip damage for a Grass-type deck (which aren’t great to begin with) – Amazing Bloom could be okay if you manage to power it up.

Frankly, I’ve no idea how you’d get a Lightning and a Psychic here unless you ran super hot on Turbo Patch. Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor already kind of does Amazing Bloom for zero Energy.


Shiftry 012/185

An absolutely incredible Ability on a Stage 2, perfect… If the format were to slow down, something like this might have a chance – and let me tell you – this Ability is fantastic. You’d have to do something like a mono-Shiftry deck, and while Fan Tornado isn’t OP or anything like that, it’s a solid enough hit and makes them switch. Your opponent’s Supporters are all nerfed (sort of funny with the repetitive printing of cards like Hop).

0.25/5 + Creative Design

Ninjask 014/185

I really like the trend of unique Abilities here, Cast-Off Shell pairs well with the new Shedinja, which I’ll cover in the Psychic section in a few days. It’s simple, but effective, and speeds up your gameplay. Also, it saves you a Nincada that you would otherwise need to reserve for Shedinja itself. I might be looking a little too deeply into this, I do think the new Shedinja has potential, maybe it’s just better to evolve the old fashioned way, Nincada into the Shedinja – rendering Ninjask obsolete. In any case, this is really cool and I like the diversity of the Abilities lately and especially in this set.

0.5/5 + Creative Design + Fun

Orbeetle V 020/185

It’s become quite typical to see the Pokemon V that evolve be quite weak, this is no exception. Strafe is nothing special, though, I could see it being used from time to time to safeguard your eventual VMAX to be. Mysterious Wave could also have some fringe use, perhaps against a Centiskorch VMAX deck – both Orbeetle V and its VMAX use a single Colorless Energy in their attack cost, so a mono-Orbeetle deck would certainly be running Weakness Guard Energy for protection. That said, Centiskorch would have to ramp up great lengths to get a Knock Out on the VMAX, where Mysterious Wave could come in and bop them. It would take seven Energy for them to one-shot your VMAX, so Wave would swing for 260. Still not a one-shot, but with ways to supplement damage, maybe it could be enough. This will obviously be played in Orbeetle VMAX decks, but it’s not good on its own.


Orbeetle VMAX 021/185

Right now this is the most exciting card for me. Eerie Beam reminds me somewhat of Decidueye-GX, but it’s probably just a little bit better, even. Like Feather Arrow before, this Ability is sure to creative unique scenarios primed for multiple Knock Outs and setting up critical math. U-Turn Board pairs extremely well with the Ability as well, so you could potential switch between Orbeetle VMAX and crank out even more damage. G-Max Wave is a decent attack, but nothing special. Since two Energy about the going rate for attacks these days, you can expect to swing for about 150 each time with this attack. That’s nothing to scoff at, Eerie Beam should complement that number nicely.

Since Zacian V is still the king of Standard, let’s look at that interaction: G-Max Wave would do 200 to a fully-powered Zacian V, so you’d just need two Eerie Beams to go off and you’d get the Knock Out. Metal Goggles complicates this for two reasons, it reduces the damage further, and stops the Ability from damaging it. I would consider from the jump that Tool Scrapper is a must-have in any Orbeetle VMAX deck for this reason.

I love that this card’s design allows it to be a tech or a standalone archetype. Any deck playing Aurora Energy could fit this in, its Colorless Energy in the attack cost makes it incredibly versatile. It can be hard-hitting, and defends decently against something like Centiskorch VMAX because of its synergy with Weakness Guard Energy. It can clap back a Centi if they decide to overload it, also. This card could even see play with Tapu Koko Prism Star for Energy acceleration! Really excited to try this one out.

4.25/5 + Creative Design + Fun

Zarude V 022/185

Like M Sceptile-EX of the past, Jungle Rising is the highlight here. I love the healing aspect, but I’m not sure if this will immediately have a place in the format. Even with a Cape of Toughness, Zarude V can’t avoid an OHKO from either Eternatus VMAX or an Altered Creation GX-boosted Zacian V Brave Blade. This makes it an unlikely tech card, which is what it would likely be, since its damage output isn’t very impressive. It could be a one-of in Orbeetle VMAX decks, you could pivot into it, heal up, give up two Prizes, then swap back into your VMAX. This also creates the ideal Reset Stamp scenario for the Orbeetle player, you could potentially put your opponent on just one card. There’s potential here, but I don’t think this card is as great as some people have hyped it up to be. Bind Down is nothing special, it could one in a while be decent to trap something off Boss’s Orders, but that won’t be as strong as it could be with many decks playing four Switch.

3/5 + Fun

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with Fire and Water-type Pokemon!

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