Setting Sparks — A Victini VMAX / Jolteon VMAX Primer

Setting Sparks — A Victini VMAX / Jolteon VMAX Primer

It was only last week (even though it feels much longer to me) that the Atlas Annual Championships took place. As the number one player in the Atlas rankings (based on results in their tournaments throughout the year), I was invited directly to day three of the event. I decided to stick with Single Strike, which was a decent call for the event and ultimately got tenth place, losing the mirror match in Top 16.

I won’t talk about Single Strike here: if you want to know more, check out the deep dive on the deck I wrote last week! However, there was another deck I worked on for the event, a rogue deck which had the potential to surprise my opponents as well as beat several common archetypes: Victini VMAX / Jolteon VMAX.

The first time I heard about this deck was when a fellow French player, Thibault M., wrote about it on a Discord server I’m in, saying he was on a huge win streak on ladder. He then decided to play the deck in the YOS-EFI Thursday Madness #2, where he got Top 8 (out of 115 players), only losing to one bad matchup. A few days later, Canadian player Simon Trottier-Lacasse made phase two with a similar deck in Chill Series #47; his decklist looked like an improvement over Thibault’s and my own deck is based on his.

So, why does this deck work? What’s the synergy between Victini VMAX and Jolteon VMAX? There are two main points. The first is that Max Victory deals 220 damage and Max Thunder Rumble deals 100 plus 100. You can 2HKO a Pokemon VMAX with Max Victory, but there’s extra damage being lost. However, if you use these two attacks consecutively, you deal 320 damage to one Pokemon, Knocking Out almost every VMAX Pokemon (and for those who have 330 or 340 HP, just make up for the missing damage with Inteleon’s Quick Shooting) and either damaging another VMAX or Knocking Out a small Pokemon (say, Drizzile) on the Bench.

All in all, you can take six Prizes in two attacks (and maybe some Quick Shooting adjustments): for example, Max Victory on the first VMAX plus Max Victory on the second VMAX and finally Max Thunder Rumble on both; or Max Victory on the first VMAX, Max Thunder Rumble on that same VMAX plus Drizzile, then Max Victory on Crobat V.

The other point of synergy is that Victini VMAX’s main weakness is its literal Weakness, Water decks, especially Suicune V. Jolteon VMAX hits Suicune V for Weakness (and can KO Lotad on the Bench before it can evolve), making it a strong counter to these decks.

Now that it’s clear why these Pokemon go together, let’s go over the rest. In this article, I’ll cover the decklist, what other cards could fit in the deck, as well as the main matchups.

The Decklist

Here is the decklist I’m currently using:

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