Revisiting Sandaconda’s Rogue Spread Deck & a Tip to Improve Your Play

Revisiting Sandaconda’s Rogue Spread Deck & a Tip to Improve Your Play

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today to bring you a deck that hasn’t exactly seen the most play. Sandaconda VMAX isn’t some crazy new concept or anything. I think it has a relatively good matchup spread in the current meta with the focus mostly on Mew VMAX and Jolteon VMAX. As evidenced by my past habits, I’m inclined towards playing spread decks if possible and Sandaconda is nothing if not a spread deck.

Before I begin, today’s article is a great example of what can happen when I have just a little too much freedom of topic and I have been sick for the past two weeks. If I was at full health, I’m terrified as to what could have been the topic today, as I’ve been thinking over all the ways players harm their chances of winning games… Stephane’s recent article, which was incredibly good, got me thinking about it and there are so many things that players do to sabotage their own games. Since I don’t think I can stomach an entire article devoted to Sandaconda VMAX, there will be a small section at the end that at least touches on one of these things. With that said, let’s get into today’s deck!

Sandaconda VMAX / Inteleon

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