Pokemon Trading Card Game Gift Idea #13: Genesect V

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gift Idea #13: Genesect V

Give the gift of one of the most impactful cards in competitive Pokemon this year – Genesect V! Genesect V has the incredible Fusion Strike System Ability, which allows you to draw cards until you have as many cards in your hand as you have Fusion Strike Pokemon in play. This is very strong in a Fusion Strike-based deck and combines extremely well with the ever-popular Mew VMAX! Genesect V is a gift that is sure to make any competitive player happy this holiday. But there are options for collectors, too. This card has a regular art print, a full art print and a stunning alternate art print! Give the Paleozoic Pokemon as a gift this holiday and pick up your Genesect V’s today on ChannelFireball.com.

Genesect V

Genesect V (185/264)Genesect V (254/264)Genesect V (255/264)

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