Pokemon TCG Battle Styles Set Review with Tord Reklev

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about some of the cards from Battle Styles that I think will have the most impact in the Standard format. Some of these cards will have immediate impact, while some will just be strong cards overall. It would be wise to keep an eye on these as more sets are released and rotated – the metagame is always evolving. I will split the cards up into three sections, Single Strike cards, Rapid Strike cards and “neutral” cards, which will not be either of the new styles. The Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards are made to function and synergize with each other, which makes some of the otherwise less powerful Single and Rapid Strike cards a lot better in these types of decks.

Kricketune V is almost identical to the old Oranguru. I look at this card as a splashable tech in almost all archetypes – it should be treated as an addition to Dedenne-GX, Crobat V and Eldegoss V. A strong two-Prize support Pokemon that adds consistency to a deck. With a lot of decks running Air Balloon and heavy Switch count already, being able to use Exciting Stage for four cards could also be happening frequently. Since Quick Ball is mandatory card in most decks you can reduce your hand size so more cards can be drawn. Kricketune V is not as explosive as Dedenne-GX or Crobat V, but over the course of the game it can match or surpass the number of cards drawn from either – this justifies the Bench spot it takes up. Kricketune V also provides solid protection against Reset Stamp, something scary to deal with otherwise.

Kricketune VKricketune V

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