Pokemon Fusion Strike Buyer’s Guide

A new Battle Style is here in the Pokémon TCG! In addition to Single Strike and Rapid Strike, we now have Fusion Strike, courtesy of the aptly named Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike expansion! To figure out what to buy (for yourself and maybe even others), let’s break it down in this Fusion Strike Buyer’s Guide!



Header - Release Schedule

Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike releases on November 12, 2021. With the Pokémon TCG Live release delayed until 2022, codes for Fusion Strike will be valid for Pokémon TCG Online.


Header - What's New?

Fusion Strike

Fusion Strike joins Single Strike and Rapid Strike as a new Battle Style. Most Fusion Strike cards encourage you to play tons of Fusion Strike Pokémon, some Fusion Strike Trainer cards, and of course, Fusion Strike Energy.

Some Fusion Strike cards shut down Single or Rapid Strike Pokémon as well, turning off their abilities or making their attacks cost more, for example. The new Mew VMAX, pictured here, can use its Cross Fusion Strike to replicate the ability of any of your Benched Fusion Strike Pokémon!


Header - What's Returning?

Rapid Strike & Single Strike


Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike also adds new Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokémon, with their respective themes still intact; Single Strike Pokémon still strive for that one-hit KO, while Rapid Strike Pokémon are more subtle, dealing damage to Benched Pokémon or helping you get other advantages.


Header - Card Variants


Alternate Art


Some Pokémon V and VMAX appear in alternate art versions – some, like this Celebi V, are reprints from previous sets, while others, like the above Hoopa V, also appear in normal versions in Fusion Strike.


Full Art


Eight Pokémon V and seven Supporter cards have full art versions in Fusion Strike




Golden versions are back, with two Energy cards (Grass and Fire) headlining along two Trainer cards and one Pokémon, Flaaffy.


Rainbow Rares


A select few Pokémon VMAX and Supporter cards also appear in Rainbow versions.


Header - How to Get Fusion Strike


Booster Packs & Boxes

Booster Pack price (as of this writing): $3.90

Booster Box price (as of this writing): $118.97

The most common way to get Fusion Strike will be in Booster Pack form. Each Booster Pack contains 10 cards, with the usual distribution being six Commons, three Uncommons, and one Rare or better. Booster Boxes of Fusion Strike contain 36 Booster Packs each. 


Blister Packs

Blister Pack price (as of this writing): $14.99

Blister Packs come with three Booster Packs each plus a promo card and a special Collector’s Coin. Fusion Strike Blister Packs feature one of two promo cards: an Eevee or an Espeon. If you’re looking for a fun gift item at a lower price, or if you’re interested in the specific promo card, Blister Packs are a good choice.


Elite Trainer Boxes

Elite Trainer Box price (as of this writing): $39.99

Elite Trainer Boxes are great for players just getting started or anyone looking for booster packs and supplies all in one neat package! Each Elite Trainer Box contains eight packs of Fusion Strike, 65 Mew card sleeves, 45 energy cards, a tournament-legal coin flip die, damage counter dice and condition markers to track the status of your Pokémon, a rulebook and player’s guide, a collector’s box with dividers and a Pokémon Trading Card Online redemption code. Elite Trainer Boxes are another great gift item for Pokémon players of all experience levels. Remember: it’s okay to get yourself a gift!


Build & Battle

Build & Battle Box price (as of this writing): $22.97

Build & Battle Stadium price (as of this writing): $56.98

Build & Battle products give you everything you need to build a deck and play right away! The Build & Battle Box is designed for a single player, while Build & Battle Stadium has enough for two players to start battling each other. The Build & Battle Box contains four Fusion Strike booster packs plus a 23-card Evolution deck that features one of four alternate-art promo cards and has a combination of cards from older sets as well as Fusion Strike that will form the foundation of your deck.

The Build & Battle Stadium has two Build & Battle Boxes inside plus four additional booster packs, 121 Energy cards, damage-counter dice, condition markers, a coin-flip die and a collector’s box to hold it all. Build & Battle Boxes are often used at Prerelease events, but you can use them at home with friends if you want to build totally new decks and play!


Single Cards

Of course, if you’re looking for singles, there are plenty available for you to order on the new ChannelFireball.com. With hundreds of stores on our platform, you can preorder Fusion Strike singles today at great prices!

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