Playing & Beating the Inteleon Engine — Two SSH-CRE Decks

Playing & Beating the Inteleon Engine — Two Sword & Shield-On Decks

Hey guys! In today’s article I’m going to be talking about a format that won’t see much time but will have some important events revolving around it in the coming weeks. There is a 10K event happening on August 7 and the IRL Hegster tournament August 8. There are also tournaments for this format that happen on Limitless. So, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it.

This won’t be the post-rotation format come September, but this format can give you a head start and get you used to the new engines. I’ve played quite a bit of this format recently and have found it enjoyable. I’m going to go over what I consider the two best decks.


Before going into the decks, I wanted to talk a little bit about the format. From my experience, a lot of decks that don’t rotate carry over and that doesn’t change with this format. This is due to the card pool becoming smaller and you not having a lot to work with. With this upcoming rotation, the most impactful losses are all the GXs, Welder and Stamp.

With Welder gone, Fire becomes almost a non-factor in my opinion. Victini VMAX is okay, but it doesn’t have the same strength as other VMAX decks without Welder. Stamp is the most impactful lose in my opinion. If you’ve read my previous articles, you know how much I love this card. This was the best form of disruption you had and without it you don’t have a strong form of disruption. Marnie is okay, but there are cards you can play to mitigate the effect Marnie has on you.

I know everyone has been waiting for this moment. No more ADP. With the loss of GXs, the format becomes revolved around VMAXS. Most of the best decks in this format have a VMAX in them. Like the GX format from 2017-2018.

The format is very reliant on going first and the deck that usually gets the first hit on a VMAX is ahead. You can play around this to an extent with healing but it’s hard to come back from due to the loss of Stamp. That’s why I like decks that can take one-shots or apply pressure through some disruption and healing. That’s what the two decks I’m going to cover do, respectively!

This deck became popularized by Le Bui, Tate Whitesell and our very own Isaiah Bradner. I originally tried to transfer that list over, but I found it not to be as powerful. Path to the Peak isn’t as strong without Stamp and a lot of decks are playing heavy counter Stadium counts. After seeing a list piloted by Angel Miranda, I fell in love with this slightly modified version:

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