Players Cup IV Champion Alex Schemanske’s Top 5 Evolving Skies Cards

Players Cup IV Champion Alex Schemanske’s Top 5 Evolving Skies Cards

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today to talk about my thoughts on the upcoming Evolving Skies set. There’s a lot of interesting cards in the set that I think have the potential to shake up the meta quite a bit. Naturally, there are also decks that will become much more powerful with new additions. All my opinions and lists are going to apply to pre-rotation only because that is the format that I personally have been focusing on. Before I talk about specific decks, I want to talk about what I think are a few of the most impactful cards in the set.

#1: Raihan

What a ridiculously broken card. My mind immediately jumps to Rapid Strike Urshifu when I see this card, but there must be so many other places where this card is just disgustingly good. Accelerating an Energy is already a good enough effect for it to be considered half-decent, so when you add in the “search for any card” effect, you have a card that literally cannot be bad.

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