Decigoons Deck Highlight — the Basics and Matchup Advice

Hello CFB reader! Welcome back to yet another article, this time dissecting one of the most controversial decks out there: Decigoons! This deck has a very unique win condition, which involves preventing your opponent from being able to take all six Prizes. Of course, the deck has Energy and can win by taking six Prizes, but the game plan usually involves taking a KO on the one, maybe two, non-GX/V attackers that most meta decks are playing and sweep from there with Decidueye.

Obstagoon offers extra damage output with its Ability, along with Galarian Zigzagoon, but also completely walls some of the decks that could otherwise get past Decidueye such as Blacephalon.

The deck usually goes through a roller coaster style life in the metagame, where if it has successful results, people will be more inclined to play Pokemon such as Duraludon in ADPZ, Galarian Stunfisk in Lucmetal and Tapu Koko or Eldegoss in Pikarom. However, if the deck isn’t getting any results at the top level, most people will opt not to include those techy cards which are usually worthless against every other matchup as deck space is so valuable.

And thus, with that knowledge and metagame analysis, is why I decided to play Decigoons for the Limitless Online Series #3. If you’d like more information on how to join online tournaments, check out this article I made for all you need to know. Coincidentally, it was the biggest one so far to date, and I managed to get Top 8 in it with the following list:


##Pokémon - 18
4 Rowlet CEC 18
1 Dartrix DAA 12
3 Decidueye DAA 13
4 Jirachi TEU 99
2 Galarian Zigzagoon SSH 117
2 Galarian Obstagoon SSH 119
1 Phione CEC 57
1 Mew UNB 76
##Trainer Cards - 32
4 Rosa CEC 204
4 Professor's Research SSH 178
2 Marnie SSH 169
1 Boss's Orders RCL 154
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
4 Rare Candy SSH 180
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
3 Pokémon Communication TEU 152
2 Switch SSH 183
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
2 Big Parasol DAA 157
##Energy - 10
4 Grass Energy Energy 1
4 Capture Energy RCL 171
2 Darkness Energy Energy 7

This list has been the standard for a while now for this deck, and I didn’t feel any need to deviate from it for this tournament. From what I could tell, Decigoons had kind of fallen off the radar from everyone, and therefore it would be a great pick on the day purely because I’d be able to Rosa my way into a lot of wins. ADPZ is still the trickiest matchup by far, because your bench and draws have to be almost perfect to create the single Pokemon down, either Decidueye or an Obstagoon that’s powered up, since leaving targets on the bench for them to gust means game over.

The key cards in the list are the following:

Three Decidueye – The Deep Forest Camo Ability is the reason this deck exists. With three copies, Prizes should never be an issue whilst setting up, and there may be games where two Decidueye are necessary to be set up in order to finish off any non-GX/V attackers your opponent’s decks might have.


Two Obstagoon – The Obstruct attack is essential to the deck’s success in some matchups such as Blacephalon and, depending on their techs, ADPZ. With Obstruct blocking all damage from Basic Pokemon, you can choose to use it over Decidueye in any matchup that doesn’t involve Pokemon VMAX.

Galarian Obstagoon

Four Rosa – You will always rely on Rare Candy in order to set up your Decidueye and Obstagoon, and Rosa is a fantastic card which allows you to directly search for Rare Candy and the right Evolution. There are very few ways to directly search for Rare Candy, and thus using Rosa immediately after your first Pokemon is KOed is essential to the deck working properly.


Four Scoop Up Net – The deck’s main strategy revolves around having only one, sometimes two Pokemon set up, that are basically impossible for an opponent to deal with. Scoop Up Net is essential in making sure there are no leftover Pokemon that your opponent can pick off towards the end of the game with Boss’s Orders if they have one or two prizes left.

Scoop Up Net

Four Capture Energy – These Energy help so much on the first turn of the game, by establishing an extra Basic Pokemon on the Bench of your choice. Depending on the matchup, you’ll want two Rowlet or two Zigzagoon down, or one of each. Four Capture Energy and four Quick Ball is as good as it gets in order to maximize the chances of pulling that off every game.

Capture Energy


The strategy is very straightforward in most matchups, and they are either very favorable or very unfavorable. There isn’t a particular matchup, other than the mirror match, that is particularly grindy or differs from the set up your Stage 2 and deal with their one counter. Note that the matchups below assume opponents are playing standard, non-teched out lists.

ADPZ – Very Favorable

The possible attackers they might have that can attack through Decidueye are Oranguru, Duraludon, and Tapu Fini. You can actually watch me get wrecked by the latter of these in this video of my run. Since the deck is all Basic Pokemon however, you’re better off setting up one Obstagoon that is powered up to use Obstruct. Watch out for Mawile-GX, try to clear your hand of Basic Pokemon you don’t want in play!

Non-Poison Eternatus – Very Favorable / Poison Eternatus – Very Unfavorable

Standard versions of Eternatus VMAX usually play Hoopa or Spiritomb as non-GX/V attackers. However, these are honestly pitiful against Decidueye and even my three Spiritomb version can’t stand up to it. However, the Poison version can simply Poison Decidueye over and over to damage it, and with Toxicroak’s More Poison Ability, it’s impossible to keep powering up enough Decidueye to keep up.

Pikarom – Very Favorable

You only need to worry about Tapu Koko Prism Star if you go the Decidueye route, or the Paralysis from Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX if you go the Obstagoon route. Setting up two Decidueye to deal with the Tapu Koko Prism Star should always be enough to win this.

Centiskorch – Very Unfavorable

This deck is as close to an auto-loss as it gets, especially the four Volcanion versions. Volcanion deals with Decidueye easily with Weakness and Centiskorch VMAX can attack Obstagoon, so this one is pretty hopeless overall.

Blacephalon – Favorable

One Obstagoon using Obstruct does the trick against this deck. You just need to be careful of placing down both Zigzagoon at once or a single one with Mew, to protect from Cramorant V Spit Shot snipes. The only reason this matchup isn’t very favorable is because the thin line of Obstagoon can sometimes make it problematic to set up one fully powered up. Once you do though, you win.

Lucmetal – Very Unfavorable

The regular inclusion of Galarian Stunfisk in this deck makes it impossible to beat. The Ability removes Energy from your Pokemon every time you damage or attack it. It can attack through Deep Forest Camo and it also takes zero damage from Decidueye’s attack after considering the GX attack and Metal Goggles attached.

Mew3 / Welder – Very Favorable

Mew3 has one way to deal with either of your attackers: Muk & Alolan Muk-GX’s Severe Poison, as your Ability or attack only stops damage, not special effects. However, the two Big Parasol are in there in order to prevent those effects from Attacks, thus as long as that is attached to your Decidueye or Obstagoon, you win. The Dark, Water and Psychic version of Mew3 decks are just as good matchups.

Decigoons is at its best when its least expected, but at its worst when people tech for it since it’s relatively easy to counter if you know it’s going to show up. It’s important to keep up with trends and results in the metagame to really decide whether using it or countering it at your next tournament is worth it.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Decigoons! I’ve certainly enjoyed using it lately in the ladder and at tournaments. Especially considering how Aegislash V from the new set has an attack that gets past any effects on a Pokemon, thus this deck will probably no longer be viable once the new Vivid Voltage set comes out. Make sure you check out our preorders for the set and consider using my code if you’d like to support my content. Thank you so much for reading – until next time!

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