One Rogue Leads Another — Examining Caturday & Bronzong Box

One Rogue Leads Another — Examining Caturday & Bronzong Box

Hey everyone! It’s Isaiah back with another article. Today, I’m going to be touching on some of the crazier decks that have been doing well lately. One great thing about online events is that they are almost always open list, which means that you can examine the exact lists people used to succeed! So, without further ado, let’s get into two of the most off-the-wall decks that have done well recently: Caturday and Bronzong Box.

First up, Caturday! I assumed this deck was a meme when I first saw Jesper Eriksen’s Tweet about it, but I was instantly impressed after playing a few ladder games with it. I made a few tweaks to the list he won his event with (which I believe is credited to Benjamin Pham) and I currently play the following list:

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