NEW Battle Styles & Shining Fates Top 10 — Updating My Predictions

NEW Battle Styles & Shining Fates Top 10 — Analyzing My Predictions

Hello everyone! I covered some rare oddity cards in my last article – it isn’t every day that you get to see such a unique set of cards and it was fun getting to review them. It’s always a breath of fresh air to do something other than Charizard cards and new sealed product, especially Shining Fates and Battle Styles. While some of this hype has been labeled as a fad and expected to die down, that feels somewhat false, but I do see hope for things settling down at least a little bit.

The price of Shining Fates sealed product hasn’t performed as well as most people expected, myself included. This is not to say it is performing poorly or decreasing below MSRP, but with how other prices look – I guess I just expected more. I’m not sad about that, don’t get me wrong, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing today – looking back at my previous thoughts and predictions. I will also share some current predictions of mine and conjure up an interesting top 10 list.

All of this is regarding two of the most popular sets now, Shining Fates and Battle Styles. It should be an interesting ride for everyone! I hope you’re all prepared.

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I did a similarly structured article to this one in the form of a Hidden Fates and Shining Fates comparison, before Shining Fates was even released and that went over well. While this article does overlap that Shining Fates component, this article will contain very different information from that one as it will be less of a comparison and more future potential-based. Additionally, this one will contain a set that is simply popular and not very similar in the form of Battle Styles. Battle Styles, like I said, is not a similar set, but it is a comparatively popular one, which makes for a good inclusion for what I am trying out here.

I have written about both sets before, Shining Fates multiple times, which will give me information to review in this article. I will not only check the accuracy of my previous predictions and thoughts, but I will provide updated thoughts and predictions as well. In my previous articles, I may have talked about future potential some, but this article’s top 10 is going to be entirely based on that.

Regardless of what you are looking for or how you are involved in the community, I am confident you will like this article!

Shining Fates

Things I Was Right About

  • Shiny Charizard VMAX is by far the most valuable card in the set and I also correctly predicted that the card would drop to under $300.
  • Shiny Suicune is by far the most sought-after baby shiny and currently sells for $50.
  • I said that most of the set would be worth nothing due to the contents and how much of it would be opened and that turned out to be true. Outside of the two cards above and one below, every card in the set is worth $20 or less.
  • Galarian Ponyta was one I predicted to be popular and while that is true, it did not reach the level that I thought it had potential to hit.
  • Skyla has performed as the best full art Supporter. It currently sits at $32.

Thing I Was Wrong About

  • I was clear that I expected much of the set to flop but I still feel like I gave a lot of cards too much credit. While they have future potential still, the set is currently awful value wise.
  • This even extends to the sealed product, which I was very confident in! Prices have decreased on the sealed product substantially.
  • While they are similar sets, Shining Fates did not go over nearly as well as Hidden Fates in the grand scheme of things.

Battle Styles

Things I Was Right About

  • Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX alternate art has continued to perform well.
  • Tyranitar V alternate art is another card that I had a lot of faith in, and it looks like that was justified.
  • Empoleon V alternate art has increased in price by almost $10 since the last time I talked about it! I told you it was underrated.
  • Some of the full art Supporters have already shown promise, with Phoebe leading the pack.

Thing I Was Wrong About

  • Pour one out for Octillery. It is on life support and shows no signs of improving.
  • Secret rare Level Ball is doing a lot better than I thought it would.
  • Completely slept on full art Mimikyu V, it’s currently sitting at $30.

Top 10 Cards to Focus On

I know it may be strange considering these are two completely different sets, but they are the two most popular ones now and they both have some amount of future potential. With that in mind, these are cards to keep an eye on as time goes on and not necessarily the best ten cards at this very moment. Some might even be cards I think could trend down! With that being said, I hope you enjoy this Frankenstein of a list.

#1: Charizard VMAX

Nothing about this card has changed as my predicted trajectory remains the same, all that is happening is the usual price changes of singles after a set release. Prices are always their highest right before and after a set release, then tend to decrease and then the cards that are sought after stabilizing at a more realistic price point. For specifically ultra rare Charizard cards, you can see that this is true for Charizard-GX hyper rare from Burning Shadows and Charizard-GX from Hidden Fates: Shiny Vault.

Charizard VMAX (SV107/SV122)

While some of the more recent variations, such as the ones to come out of Champion’s Path, have yet to see that price increase, I think that will happen with time. The last price increases did not happen with the previously mentioned cards, they haven’t happened for the Champion’s Path versions and it will take time for this card too. If you want to have an idea of where this card’s price might end up, I recommend looking at similar cards and how their prices moved overtime. I think you might be surprised when you see how similar some cards act and it will be a fun experience regardless of how informed you feel afterwards.

Charizard VMAX is just a classic example of a wildly popular chase card and those tend to age well with time – now it’s time to to wait and see.

#2: Tyranitar V

There is not a whole lot of new information on this card, as my outlook for it remains the same and it holds a similar price point to when you last discussed it, $130. This makes it one of the most expensive cards on the list, with Charizard VMAX beating it out and the next card on this list being very close competition for it.

Tyranitar V (155/163)

Alternate arts have performed very well overall, especially ones that feature popular Pokemon or attractive artwork. This is no exception, which is why I am going to make the bold claim once again of comparing it to alternate art Latias & Latios-GX, which is the best performing alternate art you have so far. It is currently sitting at over $200, and I think it only has room to go up from there. This is because it was from a wildly popular set, features solid Pokemon and has incredible artwork. Tyranitar V relates to that in a lot of ways, and I think you will see it follow a similar track.

This is an extremely important card to keep an eye on! I will never lose faith in this one.

#3: Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

This is another card that hasn’t seen much change between the last time and now, but I think everyone’s confidence in it has improved for a couple reasons. It is holding its price and it has established itself as one of the best decks. This version specifically has incredible artwork and is far more rare than any other versions, which makes it a bit more resistant to the playability aspect.

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (170/163)

If Rapid Strike decks fell off a little bit, the price of this copy won’t be as impacted as the others.

#4: Suicune

The fourth spot on the list! That just goes to show how well this card is performing, despite being a baby shiny, which are very cheap cards overall. This Suicune is by far the best baby shiny in existence – it’s not even close. Rocking a price of $50, with more room to grow as time goes on, this is a card to keep an eye on. Suicune is a wildly popular Pokemon, Shining Fates has room to grow, and time helps most things.

Suicune (SV022/SV122)

Don’t forget about Suicune!

#5: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX

This card is the one in this top 10 list that I don’t have confidence in, which might make it seem like a strange inclusion. This section is about cards to keep an eye on – make sure to protect your wallet by keeping an eye on this card. Remember, the alternate art version of the Rapid Strike version is truly stunning, which makes it a huge visual upgrade from this card.

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (168/163)

While I don’t necessarily expect this card to crash overnight, it’s the one card on this list that feels like it’s hit its price ceiling. I said this in my last article, when the card was at $80 and it has already dropped a whopping 25% down to $60.

The difference between this card and its Rapid Strike counterpart is that Single Strike is not very playable.

#6: Houndoom

This is another card I gave relatively high praise in my previous article, but there are some differences in how I feel about it now. Previously, I was quite confident the card would see competitive play as it seemed like a reasonably strong Energy accelerator for an already strong category of Pokemon. It turns out that this card hasn’t been seeing play thus far, so that is something that I have tried to remove from my mind when it comes to evaluating this one.

Houndoom (179/163)

The difference between this card and Octillery is that Octillery’s value is based strictly on its competitive success because it is not a particularly popular Pokemon. Houndoom, however, is much more popular and the card honestly has better artwork as well. With that being said, I would consider any future playability for this card a huge bonus. It was around $50 last time we talked and that is about where it sits right now as well, which means it may have stabilized there for the time being.

Houndoom feels like it has collectability potential as time goes on.

#7: Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

We talked about the superior version of this card earlier in the article. Making the list still shows great promise for a card, but what makes up for the huge gap between this and its counterpart? There are a few reasons but it all boils down to the difference in rarity between a hyper rare and an alternate art card.

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (169/163)

In this case, the alternate art is far superior to the hyper rare. Not only is it much harder to pull due to how their pull rates work out, but it is beautiful. Keep in mind, hyper rares do not even appeal to all collectors out there. Some people still do not like them, stating they all look the same and are hard to truly appreciate. I totally get what they’re saying – when it comes to collecting cards, it can be all about eye appeal.

There is also a lowkey difference here that I touched on earlier in the article and I guess I would describe that as the floor of the card. While it may not hit the bottom of the bucket or anything, this card seeing a decline in playability would hurt the price of this version much more than the alternate art copy. This is because of the difference in artwork and collectability, as that would provide greater resistance and support to the superior card in those aspects.

Despite everything I just said, I do not expect this card to have poor days ahead, nor do I really expect it to absolutely boom either.

It is currently at $42. Expect it to float around there for at least the time being.

#8: Full Art Supporters

I have talked about these pretty much every chance I get, which just goes to show what position they are in right now and my thoughts about them.

Full art Supporters, especially recently, have performed very well. Some have steadily increased over time and that is reflected in some seemingly absurd price points. Others were the subject of buyouts – not authentic growth – but those mass purchases increased the price permanently on a lot of the cards involved. I think this led a lot of people, myself included, to realizing that a lot of the full art Supporters were criminally undervalued. There is just no reason a card like this should be a dollar or two, especially one in near mint condition. To this day you do see some heavily played copies floating around on TCGplayer for a few bucks, but those tend to be less collectible options. Newly released ones typically sit between $8-$10 for a while – there’s still opportunity there, even in that range.

As for what cards specifically, there is some variance in quality here, so I have different things to say about different cards. It essentially breaks down into which ones are already popular and which ones are not.

Phoebe (161/163)Skyla (72/72)

The pack leaders here are clearly Skyla and Phoebe, which have very reasonable prices now, both of which are sitting at a bit over $30. These still have room for growth because they are popular, but they are already the most expensive which makes them a bigger commitment. Everything else sort of falls under the same umbrella, none are particularly better than the rest. This means that if this experiment were to go well, you would see a high percentage increase overall on these cards, but that doesn’t mean that every card will increase – nor does it mean that the ones that do will reach the same price points, but overall things will go well.

The key here is to simply monitor these cards – it can be risky to purchase them sometimes, but it never hurts to keep an eye out.

#9: Rest of the Shiny Vault

While these are different cards with different price points, these are in a similar situation to the full art Supporter cards. There are a select few that are above the rest, which still have plenty of room to increase in price as time goes on and the rest of the Vault is in the same boat. We’ve seen Hidden Fates: Shiny Vault increase in price, granted it turns out that set was far more popular than Shining Fates.

Eiscue (SV035/SV122)Galarian Farfetch’d (SV063/SV122)Koffing (SV076/SV122)

We’ll have to wait and see if these shinies act similarly to those from Hidden Fates.

#10: Secret Rare Octillery

Okay, okay, I get it. Quit it with the Octillery! This may seem like a meme at this point, as Octillery has been included in every article of this nature and manages to get a worse review every time. Not only have I lost confidence in it, but its price has decreased as well.

Octillery (178/163)

There is good news, though (for Octillery fans at least)! Octillery is officially a super sleeper pick, as it still maintains its future potential. Not only is its price lower than it has ever been with potential to drop even further, but it has potential to reach playability status in the future. In my first article, I said that Octillery’s value would be based pretty much entirely on the amount of play it sees, which explains why it is doing so poorly now. It is seeing no play, so its price reflects that. However, as more sets get released, more Rapid Strike cards will appear and the potential and flexibility of Octillery increases.

If something were to happen that made Octillery playable, I would absolutely keep an eye on its prerelease promos as well as its regular printing.

New/Final Thoughts

I have obviously shared a lot of current thoughts throughout this article, mainly in the top 10 list, but I wanted to provide some key bullet points for you all:

  • I still believe the full art Supporters of each set should be watched, which is why they made my top 10 list. Sometimes it takes a very long time, but full art Supporters have performed very well throughout history.
  • Charizard VMAX will likely increase in price as time goes on.
  • Tyranitar V alternate art is still a card I like a lot and have high expectations for.
  • Octillery is not entirely dead yet! It is just Knocked Out and needs to visit a Pokemon Center.
  • Shining Fates sealed product has long-term potential.
  • Playable cards have potential to increase when in-person events return, as I expect the demand to increase when that happens.

This section’s title probably should have been a clue, yes, this article is coming to an end. I know it’s sad, but I had a great time getting to write about all of this for you today. It was a very fun topic to cover, so I hope that made for an interesting read. If you look at my previous articles or just look at the earlier sections of this article again, you will see that I tend to be pretty accurate with my predictions and thoughts. This always feels nice, but I have been wrong in the past of course and I even had some incorrect predictions showcased in this article too. With that being said, I encourage all of you to do your own research and form your own opinion before making any decisions with this information. I am certainly not perfect, and you will gain a lot of knowledge and confidence doing it yourself! Anyways, I will be back next week with another article. Until then, if you have any comments, questions, or article topic requests, feel free to leave a comment down below.


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