Mew HATES Weezing — Shut Down Your Opponent’s Cool New Deck

Mew HATES Weezing — Shut Down Your Opponent’s Cool New Deck

What’s up readers! In today’s article I’m going over a deck that I believe is underrated right now. This deck came on my radar when I saw John Mostowy make the Top 8 at Full Grip Games’s 1K event. I’ve always been a fan of Ability lock decks *cough Greninja cough*.

The format is also very ability reliant right now and a lot of decks can just get shut down with an early ability lock. The deck can also utilize Moltres V which helps against the new kid on the block: Mew. I tested this deck quite a bit this week and was able to get a couple nine game win streaks on ladder. I know it’s only ladder, but I was pleasantly surprised how well the deck performed. I ended up making a few changes to John’s initial list.

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