Lucmetal’s Still Got It — Updating an Old Favorite With Battle Styles

Hello again readers, I’m back with you again today to talk about a deck that has once again risen to prominence in the metagame. And I’m not talking about Pikarom here. LMZ is a deck that has been a near constant in the meta over the last year since the release of Zacian V. Unlike the other TAG TEAM decks, LMZ usually gets even better with the release of more and more Pokemon VMAX that are slowly creeping the TAG TEAMs out of the meta. Zamazenta V is the main reason for this because it allows you to easily deal with nearly every VMAX in the game.

LMZ is probably one of the most balanced decks in the game. It has good matchups that are pretty much impossible to lose, it has close matchups where lists and occasionally optimal play can both come into play and it has matchups where it should probably never win. The deck could be called linear, but that’s also part of the draw towards LMZ. I’m not saying that the skill cap on LMZ is low, because it isn’t. There are a lot of ways for a player to play terribly and throw games they should have easily won. My goal today is two-fold. I want to have a guide to LMZ out there, but I also want to talk about some of the common misplays people make.

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