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Hello readers, welcome to another article on Channel Fireball! Today I am going to be going over my top 10 favorite cards from the newest Pokemon TCG set, Vivid Voltage. Vivid Voltage is an amazing set with tons of new cards that should help freshen up the Pokemon TCG. With cards like Jirachi, Coalossal VMAX, Orbeetle VMAX, and more, this set should be a strong one. In this article, I am going to cover the newest cards and talk about how I see the cards being played in the future. With an introduction out of the way, it is time to talk about an exciting new set!

If you are new to Pokemon, this is a great introduction to learning about a ton of new cards that will become legal for Standard play soon. Vivid Voltage features a new card type in Amazing Rares as well as several new Pokemon V and VMAX. With the recent boom in Pokemon popularity, it would not come as a surprise to see a set featuring Pokemon’s mascot, Pikachu, be a huge hit.

Personally, this set excites me because there are a ton of unique abilities and counter Pokemon. Orbeetle VMAX has an incredible spread Ability, the Eeveelutions trio has the potential to stop opposing abilities, and Colossal VMAX is a direct counter to one of the scariest decks in the current format, Eternatus VMAX. This is simply a top ten list of my own opinion and cannot cover every card in the set, but this should give you a good idea about some of the better new cards. Here are my top ten favorite cards from Vivid Voltage in no particular order:

#10 Leon

Starting with Leon, we have a brand new Supporter representing the champion Leon from the Galar region. Adding 30 damage is an incredible Supporter effect and can make some damage outputs a lot more relevant. For example, an Eternatus VMAX with Leon can hit 300 base damage if it has a full Bench. Add in some damage counters from Galarian Zigzagoon, and you can now OHKO most opposing Pokemon that you could not KO already. The main drawback to this card is the lack of a secondary effect. Professor Kukui from Sun & Moon was an excellent example of a card that added damage and had a second effect of drawing cards.

In the current Standard format, I do not think a second effect is too relevant because we have several cards that can help draw through your deck while you play a Supporter like Leon or Boss’s Orders. Another big winner with the addition of Leon is Pikachu & Zekrom-GX. Pikarom can now use Leon to attack for 230 with Pikachu & Zekrom’s Tag Bolt which can make Pokemon like Zacian V easy to KO is one hit. These are just two examples of decks that benefit from the addition of Leon. There are several other decks that can use a damage modifier. Leon is definitely a great addition from Vivid Voltage.


#9 Hero’s Medal

Hero’s Medal will be quite niche because its predecessor, Island Challenge Amulet, ended up being far less powerful than the community expected it to be. This card still deserves to be talked about because with the right VMAX this could be a scary combination. Hero’s Medal will essentially turn any VMAX Pokemon into a two-Prize attacker with the downside of lowering that Pokemon’s HP by 100. I can see Eternatus VMAX benefit from this card because the HP reduction brings Eternatus down to 240 which is still a difficult amount of HP to Knock Out. A 240 HP two-Prize attacker swinging for 270 base damage seems like a difficult threat to deal with. Luckily, Tool Scrapper is in Standard and can help counter Hero’s Medal. If people opt not to play Tool Scrapper, Hero’s metal could make a new way to build a deck come out of no where and take the meta by surprise. Medal is a card to keep an eye on as the Vivid Voltage meta develops because people might forget about it.

Hero's Medal

#8 Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon

This set of cards is incredibly interesting to me. Anytime there are Pokemon that turn off Abilities I see potential. One of the most famous Pokemon to turn off abilities was Garbodor. Garbotoxin was a format shaping Ability that was reprinted a few times and effected every format it was legal in. The Eeveelutions trio can turn off a Pokemon’s Abilities that have a specific type. Although this is not as powerful as Garbotoxin, these cards can make for useful techs in decks that need to turn off a Fire, Water, or Grass-type Pokemon’s Ability. The downside to this set of Pokemon is that they are Stage 1 Pokemon and require a Memory Capsule to be attached to them. This means these cards will take up a decent amount of space in any deck that they are played in. I can see at least one of these Eeveelutions becoming playable in a counter meta deck at some point in the future. I would always keep these cards in the back of your mind in case you find the counter meta deck yourself!

JolteonFlareonVaporeonMemory Capsule

#7 Coating Metal Energy

Coating Energy is possibly one of the strongest cards in the set to boost a single archetype. Zacian V / Lucario & Melmetal-GX has been a strong force in the current Standard format metagame. One of the main reasons that made LMZ fall in popularity was its horrendous matchups to Fire decks. To even try to beat the Fire decks in format, LMZ needed to play Weakness Guard Energy and hope to not get OHKOed by opposing attackers. Coating Energy is a direct replacement of Weakness Guard in any Metal deck because it prevents Weakness and provides a Metal Energy instead of a Colorless Energy.

I know several LMZ specialists have been excited for Coating Energy to get printed, so their favorite deck can get an extra option when deck building. Although I am not sure if Coating Energy does enough to save the matchup against Fire Pokemon, it is a good option to have when building any sort of Metal deck. Perhaps if the solely Fire decks decrease in popularity, Coating Energy can help make the Mewtwo & Mew-GX matchup far more favorable. Coating Energy will be a strong card to consider when building LMZ in the future.

Coating Metal Energy

#6 Aegislash V

Aegislash V is by no means the most exciting card in Vivid Voltage, and honestly it is quite underwhelming. Slash dealing 30 damage is nothing exciting and Sonic edge only deals 130 damage. Despite the low damage output and reliance on Metal Energy, this card does have a niche use. Sonic Edge allows Metal decks to have an out to cards like Decidueye, Altaria, Obstagoon‘s Obstruct, and more. If you choose to play Aegislash V, you can have an automatic win against any pesky wall/stall decks in the format. ADPZ is the deck that gains the most out of playing this card and it directly replaces Duraludon. As more strong Metal Pokemon get printed, Aegislash V will be a great option against Stall decks that most decks do not.

Aegislash V

#5 Talonflame V

Just when the Pokemon community thought the game could not get any faster than it already is, another speed card gets printed. Talonflame V can be played in any deck due to its Colorless Attack cost and its Retreat Cost of zero. The attack is amazing, it allows you to draw a new hand when going first. I can see Talonflame making its way into several decks that need to speed through their deck and do not mind going first. For example, a Blacephalon deck can utilize the draw power of Talonflame V and discard its entire hand for more cards. This makes the Blacephalon deck have potentially fewer dead cards in deck and gives them a fresh six cards to start the following turn! Decks like Mad Party can also utilize Talonflame V to discard Pokemon and fuel their Attack damage. Overall, I believe Talonflame V will have a lot of potential in decks that can make room for it and the free Retreat makes the card even stronger.

It is also important to note that Talonflame V is not a terrible attacker in Fire decks. For two Fire Energy and a Colorless Energy, Talonflame V can be powered up with Welder and attack for 160 damage. This attack is not as strong as some of the other Fire-type attackers but is not a bad option to have especially if Talonflame V is already in your deck as a draw card..

Talonflame V

#4 Telescopic Sight

Finally, another Tool card that adds 30 damage! Although this is not Choice Band, it will likely be one of the best tools in the format when Vivid Voltage is live. Cramorant V can finally OHKO Benched Crobat V, Pikarom can deal 200 damage with Tag Bolt GX on a Benched Pokemon, Mewtwo & Mew-GX can Venom Shot for 200, etc. Longview Scope will not make its way into every deck because not all decks deal Bench damage, but this is an exciting card to have when building. Dealing 30 more damage can be a sole factor in swinging a matchup into a deck’s favor. Another thing to note is the possibility of utilizing Galarian Zigzagoon and Longview Scope to KO even bigger threats. Tag Bolt for 200 on the Bench with two Galarian Zigzagoon damage counters can KO a Zacian V! I am super excited to test this card out and see how it changes certain matchups.

Telescopic Sight

#3 Togekiss VMAX

Does anyone remember Sylveon-GX? If you do not, maybe Charizard & Braxien-GX is more familiar. Togekiss VMAX is a strong card that can Attack for a small Energy requirement and search your deck for two cards. Although 120 damage is nothing special, being able to search your deck for two cards is an incredible effect that is like other successful Pokemon attacks. Being able to find two cards allows Togekiss VMAX to potentially be played as a control deck that can search out disruption cards like Team Yell Grunt and Crushing Hammer, or set up a hand lock combination that sets your opponent’s hand to zero through Jessie & James and Reset Stamp. The Weakness to Lightning makes this card have a poor Pikachu & Zekrom matchup at first glance, which is a problem. I see potential in this card and believe it can make a decent middle ground control deck that is not too committed to full stopping the opponent like an Excadrill deck. Not only am I excited to see what I can make of this card when it comes out, but I am also excited to see what fellow writer Sander Wojcik can make of the deck if the potential to control is available.

Togekiss VMAX

#2 Orbeetle VMAX

Orbeetle VMAX is probably my favorite card in Vivid Voltage. With an Ability that is reminiscent of Flygon‘s Sand Slammer and an attack that deals more damage per Energy on the opposing Pokemon, this card is surely going to be a strong archetype in the format. Something to note that makes Orbeetle different than Flygon is its option to use Laser Beam during the turn opposed to in-between turns. This means Orbeetle VMAX could see play to add damage counters to an opponent’s board.

With a Retreat Cost of one, Orbeetle VMAX can take advantage of U-Turn board and have free retreat. G-Max Wave has the potential to do a ton of damage and with Laser Beam spreading damage counters every turn, your damage out put simply increases. Say a Mewtwo & Mew-GX has four Energy attached to it. G-Max Wave with two uses of Laser Beam will KO that opposing Mewtwo & Mew GX. Orbeetle’s 310 HP also makes it difficult to OHKO, so that should not be a huge problem either. I am excited to start trying out Orbeetle, and think it has a ton of potential to be a top tier deck in the Standard format.

Orbeetle VMAX

#1 Jirachi

The only Amazing Rare card to make the list is Jirachi. I did not think any of the other Amazing Rare cards were that impressive due to their attack cost, but if Turbo Patch is enough to power up those attack costs, I will stand corrected. I believe Jirachi is the best card in the set. It comes as no surprise that another strong Jirachi card is getting printed, and another great consistency option at that. Dream Oracle is an excellent Ability that not only adds cards to your hand, but also gives you knowledge of the card on top of your deck. A small count of Jirachi and a few U-Turn boards can help boost the consistency of any deck and allows you to draw cards with a pivot just like Jirachi from Team Up. Jirachi’s Ability makes it super easy to include in any deck and can make some decks stronger.

The more niche part of Jirachi Amazing Rare is its Amazing Star attack. For a Psychic, Fighting, and Metal Energy, you can search your deck for seven Basic Energy and attach them to your Pokemon in any way you like. The effect of this attack is incredible, but the attack cost limits how likely it is to get that attack off. With three different basic Energy and Turbo Patch being one of the only decent Energy acceleration cards in format, this attack is going to be difficult to use and does not seem like something we will see get used a lot in Standard. Expanded on the other hand is a different scenario because of Max Elixir and additional draw cards. I think Jirachi has a ton of potential to be splashed into several top decks and I am excited to see how big of an impact it can make on the Standard format as a consistency engine.



There you have it! The release of Vivid Voltage means opportunities for new decks and cards to shine, as well as old cards to see a resurgence in play. With the lack of in person events, Standard has become stale quickly making each set release a great time to look forward to. Personally, I am excited to try out all the new cards from Vivid Voltage and see which ones come out on top as the best in the set.

If you have not already pre-ordered Vivid Voltage from CFB, what are you waiting for? Please consider using my code at checkout to support me as a creator.

Thank you for reading my article! If you have any questions regarding the cards on this list or about Vivid Voltage in general, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms. I love interacting with readers and talking about the game. Have a good one!


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