It’s Shocking! — A Tapu Koko VMAX Deck Guide

Hello CFB readers! I’m back for another article and this time I’m going to talk about Tapu Koko VMAX, one of the exciting new Pokemon in Battle Styles set.

The new set arrives with a lot of focus on the Rapid Strike and Single Strike versions of Urshifu VMAX, consequently leaving Tapu Koko at the wayside, mainly due to its Weakness to Fighting. So, is it not possible to play with this Pokemon in a competitive scenario?

I see a lot of potential in Tapu Koko VMAX and the purpose of my article today is to present you with the list that I’ve been using lately, one focused on consistency and prepared to deal with its main attacker’s Weakness.

Before I start explaining the list, I want to mention that there are two ways to build a Tapu Koko VMAX deck. The first form is Green’s Exploration-focused, but it can be awkward to function without Abilities. However, both Voltorb and Tapu Koko VMAX do not have an Ability – this variant is viable! The second way is more traditional, focused on using Dedenne-GX and Crobat V to add extra speed the deck.

Tapu Koko VMAX (051/163)Tapu Koko VMAX (166/163)Electrode (046/185)Green's Exploration (175)

At first it made a lot more sense for me to make a list focused on Green’s Exploration, because in addition to being able to use one of the strongest Supporters in the game, I could also make use of another very strong Supporter: Lt. Surge’s Strategy. Surge is great since Electrode gets Knocked Out in using its Ability. With synergy and ease to explore this combo, I thought this would work perfectly, but right in my first tests I realized the deck also depends on Marnie.

As you learned from Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX in Pikarom decks, paralyzing your opponent while dealing great damage is very strong (especially with Marnie/Reset Stamp). Therefore, it’s only natural to realize that Tapu Koko VMAX also needs Marnie to decrease your opponent’s chances of getting out of paralysis.

I even tried to make a Tapu KokoGreen’s deck with Marnie, but unfortunately Marnie doesn’t offer enough consistency to make the whole deck run without Dark Asset and/or Dedechange. Because of that, I realized the best way to extract maximum potential from Tapu Koko VMAX would be in pairing it with additional draw power. With the Ability-based version you can easily execute your strategy, just with the downside of weak Pokemon on your Bench. Remember though, your opponent will need a large number of cards each turn to escape paralysis (making it super unlikely they’ll Boss’s Orders one of your Bench-sitters).

I wanted this Tapu Koko VMAX list to be as consistent as possible. It’s necessary to play Marnie/Reset Stamp frequently so they would have a higher chance of whiffing attacks. Here’s the list:

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