Inspecting Fusion Strike-Updated Suicune / Ludicolo with Cross Switcher

Inspecting Fusion Strike-Updated Suicune / Ludicolo with Cross Switcher

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today to bring you my take on a deck that has been relevant for the entirety of its existence but hasn’t been talked about very much recently despite decent results and a lot of people playing it. Suicune / Ludicolo has pretty much become a staple of the format, but at the same time, I feel like it hasn’t been talked about nearly enough and innovations to the lists have been almost nonexistent for over a month now. I was looking at one of my older Suicune lists and after playing some games with the deck, I decided that it was at least decent, but could use a bit of a boost.

In my experience, Suicune’s biggest flaw has been the fact that it can’t play Melony and Boss’s Orders in the same turn. While not too terrible, that issue is keeping Suicune from winning quite a few games that it otherwise could. This led me to try Pokemon Catchers in the deck, which to absolutely nobody’s surprise, was awful. But then I remembered that there’s a new gust effect from Fusion Strike in the form of Cross Switcher. I played some games and really liked it, so here I am with an article on Suicune with Cross Switcher.

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