Healing, Healing Everywhere — Analyzing Fusion Strike’s Inteleon VMAX

Hello readers! It’s Nathália again with another Pokemon TCG article and this time I’m going to present my Inteleon VMAX list and my experience with it.

Fusion Strike is another impactful set on the metagame, Mew VMAX being its main contribution – this has led to a Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX low. This big change in the metagame causes several other minor changes that also influence the metagame and the emergence of other ideas. But despite this talk about changing the metagame, my article today talks about a deck that also arrives with Fusion Strike, but one that has been relatively quiet. The new Inteleon VMAX arrives having to adapt to new threats like Fusion Strike Energy and old ones like Path to the Peak.

This new Inteleon deck makes great use of Cheryl without having to discard Energy. Does the format finally have a new healing-based threat?

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