Getting Your PTCGO Account Ready for PTCG Live

Getting Your PTCGO Account Ready for PTCG Live

What’s up ChannelFireball readers! TrainerChip here, and in this article, I’m going to be talking about something that I am incredibly excited for, the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game Live game.

PTCG Live is a new game made by the Pokemon Company which will bring the complete Pokemon Trading Card Game experience to desktop and mobile devices. This is bittersweet news. Members of the Pokemon community have been asking for changes to be made to Pokemon TCG Online for some time now. I agree that change was needed. PTCGO felt outdated and was missing key features (like a ranked ladder) that players have been asking to have for years. But with the introduction of this exciting new game, the Pokemon TCG Online will be shutting down for good. I’m very excited for the new game, but also a little sad to be leaving PTCGO behind. Looking at my account statistics, I have spent 74 days playing PTCGO. That’s over 1700 hours of playtime! But the good news is that I won’t have to start from scratch when moving to PTCG Live. So, in this article today, I’m going to cover what exactly can be transferred over from PTCGO to PTCG Live, and how to best prepare your account for the transition, which hopefully is coming very soon!

What Happens to Your Data?

Both PTCGO and Pokemon TCG Live use data from the Pokemon Trainer Club account. When you log into Pokemon TCG Live for the first time using your Pokemon Trainer Club account, all transferable data will automatically be transferred from PTCGO. So, it is important to be aware of the connection status between your PTCGO and Trainer Club accounts before you log into Pokemon TCG Live for the first time. This is also important, because your Pokemon Trainer Club account is how eligibility for events like the Players Cups have been determined. We still don’t know about plans for tournaments on PTCG Live, but I’m hopeful we will see information about that soon. But if there are tournaments on PTCG Live, it is also likely they will use Pokemon Trainer Club account information. It is also possible that this information will be necessary for the ranked ladder, which is confirmed to be in the game.

What Happens to Packs?

If you’re like me, then you have a ton of unopened packs in your PTCGO account. On PTCGO, the easiest way to get cards has always been to trade unopened packs for them. So naturally when you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you accumulate a lot of packs. So, what is going to happen to these packs once PTCG Live comes out? No packs themselves will transfer to PTCG Live, but instead your unopened items will be converted into Crystals, which will be one of the new currencies in the game. Transfer rates are as follows:

  • 1 to 9 unopened items in the Pokemon TCG Online = 250 Crystals awarded in Pokemon TCG Live
  • 10 to 24 unopened items = 550 Crystals
  • 25 to 49 unopened items = 1125 Crystals
  • 50 to 124 unopened items = 2350 Crystals
  • 125+ unopened items = 6200 Crystals

So, it would be a good idea to try and accumulate 125 unopened items before the switch to PTCG Live is made. This should be relatively easy to do, and if you’re like me, you already have well over 125 packs. So, what should you do with your remaining packs? It seems like the maximum number of packs you can convert to Crystals is 125. So, any packs that you have over 125 should be traded or opened before the switch is made. I would recommend opening and trading the newer set packs that you have and keeping older ones to count towards your 125. Packs like Evolutions, Steam Siege, and Fates Collide are relatively easy to get a large amount of, and there are very few competitive or valuable cards in these sets. So, there is no reason to open them. If you open packs like Evolving Skies, Battles Styles, and Chilling Reign, you have a higher chance to pull a card that you can use.

What Cards Transfer?

Your cards will transfer from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live. Well, sort of. Not 100% of your cards will transfer over. Only up to four copies of each card, and up to 59 copies of each basic Energy. Any cards over those four copies will not be transferred. So, if you have a lot of extra copies, it’s a good idea to try and trade them away. On PTCG Live, there will no longer be player-to-player trading. I think there are positives and negatives to the in-game trades, and I do understand why Pokemon is moving away from that formula. If you want my full thoughts on trading not being an option anymore, be sure to read my reaction article from a few weeks ago.

Something I have been doing is just scanning the public trades, with the filer set to “I am getting Evolving Skies Packs,” and anytime I see a trade where someone is asking for a card that I already have more than four copies of, and the trade seems fair to me, I accept that trade. My plan is to use those Evolving Skies packs to trade for specific cards I want, or just do a mass opening before the time to transfer comes.

If you truly want to get the most value possible for your collection, your best bet is to post your own trades, and ask for either cards you don’t own, or booster packs in return. While posting your own trades will likely get you more for your cards in the long run, it is extremely time consuming, and there is no guarantee that those trades will go through. That’s why for the most part I have been just scrolling through the public posted trades a couple times a day and trying to unload all my extras.

I think that oftentimes people get caught up in the idea of trying to maximize their collections value in trades. But, once PTCG Live comes out any card over four will just be totally worthless. So may as well get some packs to either open or trade a little easier before those extras are gone forever.

What Should I Trade For?

This is a good question, and it’s a little hard to give guidance on this topic with the information that is available. We know that on PTCG Live there will be a Credits system, and according to Pokemon’s press release about PTCG Live “extra copies of cards are automatically converted to Credits, which can be exchanged to obtain copies of any owned or unowned card.” We don’t have any information yet on how many Credits a card will give when its converted, or how many Credits it will cost to get new cards. But to me, it sounds like you will have the option to craft any card in the game. So before making the switch over, I would still try and get a playset of all playable cards, so that you can start playing on PTCG Live right away.

Boss's Orders (58/72)Marnie (56/73)Professor's Research (60/72)

Since cards will be able to be obtained via Credits, I think you should spend your effort trying to obtain some gameplay items that will be transferred over. We don’t exactly have a list of what gameplay items will make the transfer, but if there is a sweet deck box or sleeve set you have always wanted, now could be your last chance to try and trade for them!

Should I Redeem My Codes?

So, if you have some extra PTCGO codes that you have not redeemed yet, should you put them into PTCGO now? Or wait for PTCG Live? I personally am waiting to redeem all the new codes I get until PTCG Live. PTCGO codes will still be redeemable on PTCG Live, but they may redeem different things than what they normally would on PTCGO. But since any extra cards I would pull that I already have four of would effectively go to waste on PTCGO, I’m just going to wait for PTCG Live, and that way extra cards will be converted to Credits.


There is still a lot that is unknown about PTCG Live, and I don’t want to overly speculate. But I hope this article gives you a little insight and guidance into what to do with your extra cards and packs before PTCGO goes away forever. I’m very excited for what PTCG Live could do for the game, it’s certainly going to get way more people playing since it will be more widely available being on mobile and desktop. Be sure to stay tuned for any future updates regarding PTCG Live, hopefully we know more about the release date soon!


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