Genesect V / Toxtricity Might Be the Best Fusion Strike Deck!

Genesect V / Toxtricity Might Be the Best Fusion Strike Deck!

Hello again readers, I’m back with today with an article that I’m extremely excited to write. Fusion Strike is just around the corner, and I’ve been itching to write about and build the deck I’m covering today. You all know that Mew V is going to be a powerhouse in the new format and I’m sure I’ll try to cover it in one of my other articles. Instead of Mew VMAX, I’m going to be covering a turbo Genesect V concept that has me wondering if it will be the indisputable BDIF.

Genesect V is the engine that even makes Mew VMAX possible to play, but it’s not really the Pokemon you see attacking all that often. Turbo Zacian sees play and does decently well on occasion, despite how terrible I think it is. Genesect feels like a version of Zacian that has its own overpowered draw engine and a better way to boost damage output. The slight decrease in HP is a bit obnoxious, but I don’t expect it to matter too much when you’re able to take KOs every turn and set up a new Genesect relatively easily. Today I have two different builds of the deck that I think both have a very real place in the meta once Fusion Strike is released.

Genesect / Toxtricity

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