Fusion Strike Deck: This Mew VMAX / Genesect V List Has Just 6 Energy!

Fusion Strike Deck: This Mew VMAX / Genesect V List Has Just 6 Energy!

What’s up, everyone! It’s Isaiah back with another article. Today, I’ll be going over the best deck from the new format, Mew VMAX! I’ve played around a ton with this deck, and I love the list I have right now.

I started by trying out a straight Genesect deck that focused around using Metal Saucer to get early attacks off with Toxtricity to bring down the HP of VMAXs so you can one-shot them. However, I soon realized that this deck was far too inconsistent to work. You needed to draw cards in a near-perfect order to make the deck work. Even if you could draw them in the proper order, the deck had so much Energy in it that it was hard not to have them clog your hand. These lists weren’t working out for me, but Alex actually wrote an article on this type of deck, so if you’re interested, check it out here:

After that failed experiment, I decided to try Mew VMAX.

Mew VMAX was the opposite of Genesect. It was simple, consistent, and so good! This deck can do whatever it wants past turn two. The heavy Item build I’m at now plays to Genesect’s strengths and gives you the best chance to turbo through your deck. Here’s the list I have currently:

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