Fleet of Foot — Suicune’s Lightspeed Climb to Standard’s #1 Deck

Fleet of Foot — Suicune’s Lightspeed Climb to Standard’s #1 Deck

Hello CFB! Welcome to another article of mine! I’ve been reminiscing about TAG TEAMs and the best cards of all time, but it’s now time to dive deep into the current Standard format and how it has been developing over the past few days.

Pokemon VMAX are now the norm and so far, the online cups have shown that there’s nothing that can really stand up against them. The only potentially viable single-Prize Pokemon decks would be Mad Party, Rapid Strike Malamar and Decidueye. Unfortunately, the Inteleon line being played in basically half the deck now makes Mad Party and Decidueye awkward decks to play with, as the extra damage counters from Quick Shooting and the cost-effective Waterfall attack prove too much to deal with. Rapid Strike Malamar also suffers from the Bench-damaging options from Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, Jolteon VMAX and even Shadow Rider Calyrex V. The loss of Bench Barrier Mew has proved too much, and no single-Prize deck has been able to stand out so far.

However, it’s a different story for two-Prize Pokemon. Zacian V has seen a resurgence in play as a standalone deck with Zamazenta V. The Tablemon Championship tournaments that I ran in early Sword & Shield-on format had already shown the strength of the deck and it continues that way so far. However, the biggest and most surprising threat is now Suicune V. Paired with Inteleon and Ludicolo, it offers consistency, efficiency, and the possibility to OHKO Pokemon VMAX thanks to Enthusiastic Dance.

Cape of Toughness allows Suicune V to go up to 260 HP total, allowing it to survive a lot of important hits from Pokemon VMAX. You already have an advantage when you can trade 2HKOs with a regular Pokemon V against Pokemon VMAX due to the Prize difference, but Ludicolo’s Ability allows Suicune V to potentially take OHKOs on them, allowing you to gain an even bigger advantage.

This deck is widely considered as the best deck in the format now and I wouldn’t be surprised to see conversations of Melony being compared to Welder and how it might be a problem card soon. This is my current build of the deck:

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